I’m Ready!

I turned 30 this year in January. 

This new decade for me is not scary, it’s exciting. I could not wait to get out of my 20’s. Have you seen Grey’s Anatomy? Meredith talks about the dark and twisty part of herself? Those were my 20’s. Unfortunately too many bad decisions and deep scars that I cannot clear up. Thank God I turned 30 so I can put that all behind me and say… “Yup! Those were my 20’s, but look at me now! I’m in my 30’s! I’m going to be the best me yet.”

My theme for 30 is “I’m Ready” – and that means ready for anything and EVERYthing. I want to try salsa dancing? I’m ready! My work has some bumps in the road and I have to make a correction in a project that went wrong? I’m ready! Changes, positive or negative, will be greeted with I’M READY!

Join me! I want to share my challenges with you, and please share yours back. I look forward to you being ready with me!

Me. Throwing away my dark and twisties overboard. 

20160416_165648 (1)

Photo is actually in Pittsburgh at Schenley Bridge – when DeSheller Manager, Twin and I threw our key in the river from the lock we hung on the bridge. More on those fierce females to come…


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