Sluggo & Bernie

My current running buddies
Sluggo on the left – Bernie on the right

Bernie has been a part of our family for over 5 years. Sluggo has been a part of our family for almost 10 months. These 2 have gone on my most recent runs with me. They enjoy the run probably more than me (at this point). Bernie has always run with me since he’s been in my life – he’s even run with me while I bike! (Not a good idea by the way).
Bernie’s favorite thing is to be on the leash outside of the yard. If he sees me change my clothes after work and then put on my running shoes, he will stay by my side the entire time I walk around the house. He does not want to miss out on his chance to go for a walk or run with me.
Bernie has always been the big brother. As you might remember Twin who lived with husband and me, she also had a dog and Bernie loves her so much ~ always best friends~ he saw Kota as a puppy and helped her along the way. He is the best with puppies.
Bernie with Sluggo he has been an amazing big brother. He has helped with the walks/run and showing how to handle the leash. Since Bernie is getting older he cannot handle as long of a run, but I still take him for a quick 10 minute hard run at the beginning, and then drop him off at home before Sluggo and I finish our workout.
Both of these boys have given me a reasons to get my shoes on, but also to push myself to finish the workout. They will run to the ends of the Earth with me and back. They won’t stop unless I do, and vice versa.

Who or what motivates you to push yourself? How can you continue to use that motivation every day?

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