Day 1 – The beginning

March 24th 2020

“I’m Ready! I’m Ready! I’m Ready!” ~ SpongeBob SquarePants

On Monday night when I decided I’m going to kick COVID-19 quarantine requirements in the pants; I’m going to need a schedule to keep me on track. My 3 times a day workouts will consist of a morning HIIT, a midmorning walk with the dogs, and then when my husband is finished with work we will do a HIIT workout together.

I realized my Fitbit hasn’t been turning on the last couple of days and it won’t charge, so none of this working out 3 times a day will even count for anything. ~ FitBit Users Joke~ Well I cleaned out the place where the charger goes and lo and behold it charges. Next I’ll need to dust off and charge my expense headphones that I purchased for my marathon training so that I can listen to my books while walking. Finally I’ll need some people to hold me accountable – that’s where you all come in.

I head upstairs for some relaxation and mind clearing. I couldn’t wait to close my eyes and sleep without an alarm to wake me up. I pick up a book and don’t even get through a page and fall fast asleep.

I was SO excited to sleep in that I woke up at 3:45am the next morning! YAY! I’m going to have a serious advantage to finishing my 2 week long to-do list in ONE WHOLE DAY.

I head downstairs, turn on the tv for the latest COVID-19 news and decide to make my coffee protein frappe that I learned from a dear friend of mine. Basically you make coffee, put it in a blender with protein powder and some vanilla almond milk (I also add a scoop of fiber) and blend maliciously until Voilà! you are now a barista. The protein powder I’ve been using recently is flavored like gooey cinnamon rolls, and it is a real treat to have. I gulp that *&#$ down so fast and I’m full for a good portion of the morning. I also drink out of a glass straw (yay environment) and for whatever reason I thought to myself – what if I bit down as hard as I could on this straw? Would it break? I started biting really hard and then told myself that was 100% the dumbest experiment I could do with a glass straw.

It’s 4:30am and of course my husband is still sawing logs upstairs and I don’t want to make too much noise to disturb him, but I really need to start my day and get some laundry done. I get down to the basement and completely forgot that the night before I had washed a down comforter that needed a good cleaning for some time now – I don’t like putting them in the dryer because it tangles itself inside of the folds and it doesn’t dry properly and then just smells. (I always hang it on a contraption I made out of a steel quilt rack, and then metal shelving that was once used for a baby gate.) The quilt rack is now in the guest bedroom downstairs and I’m going to have to carry it upstairs by myself and lay the king sized comforter out.

As I’m walking up the stairs I consciously tell myself to not hit the steel rack against anything, and I walk up each step taking in a breath, but holding it in. When I reach the turn to go up the next level I set the rack down and release my breath with only 6 more steps to go. I pick the rack up and SMACK IT AGAINST THE FIRST STAIR. It was so loud you would have thought I did it on purpose to wake the entire neighborhood. I rushed up the rest of the stairs on my tippy toes and put the rack in the large open space in the room and look over at my husband in bed. I couldn’t believe it but he was so sound asleep he didn’t even turn over. WHEW! After that fiasco I told myself to stay downstairs until he woke up.

It’s 5:15am so I decide to do my first HIIT workout with Pamela Rief. If you haven’t done any of her workouts she is on YouTube and she will kick your butt. I did her 10 minute high intensity workout and was sweating through the whole thing. I felt good afterwards and rewarded myself with some detox tea to replenish my liquids and electrolytes.

6am chimes and it’s time to feed the dogs. I also thought I would be a super wife and make hashbrowns for breakfast since that is my husband’s favorite of mine. As I’m grilling, I decide to text a couple of my girlfriends who keep me motivated and sane in this thing we call life. Since everyone is quarantined we go back and forth about what everyone is doing, and feeling, and what we can do to keep each other’s spirits up. It’s remarkable what group texting can do for people – sharing constant ideas, inspirations, silly memes, and all the support we pour out onto each other.

It’s finally time for breakfast and my husband comes downstairs and tells me how excited he is that I made hashbrowns! Yay! (No need to question him if he heard any weird noises this morning….) He gets himself ready for work in our home office, has some breakfast, and then leaves me to entertain myself for the rest of the day.

It’s time for workout #2 – walk with the dogs. I’ve been listening to Sherlock Holmes on Audible so I que that up on my iPhone, get my headphones, leash up the pups, and head out in the world of pandemonium.

We walked for a solid hour! Both dogs and I were so happy to be out and enjoying the sunshine. I can’t believe how good they were on the walk too. Proud momma moment right there.

Once we settled in back home I decided to make some lunch for my husband and I. He’s been working so hard since he knows I won’t be getting paid as much for my nonworking days to come. I am so proud of him. I wanted to motivate him all day to keep up his diligent work and passion to succeed.

Now to continue the laundry. I had started a movie a couple of weeks ago and figured I would finish it and see how it ended. Mr. Right with Anna Kendrick. HILARIOUS. I would 100% recommend. After that I wanted to lay down so bad… I was going to close my eyes when one of the Slayers was messaging me and she was working hard at home. She showed me that she was drinking more coffee and it instantly made me get up and make a cup. I don’t need to be lazy during this time (again; that’s what spas and vacations are for.)

After my cup of joe I went upstairs to continue the never ending pile of laundry. Here’s my question to everyone… it’s just my husband and me… HOW IS THERE SO MUCH LAUNDRY ALL OF THE TIME? I swear I am doing laundry everyday. There is only 2 of us? How much more laundry is there going to be if we have kids? Am I going to have to just keep wearing the same thing 3 days in a row to “lighten the load” ? How is this a thing?

I watched an episode of “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” ~ so good by the way. If you haven’t checked it out and you’re into witchcraft (or even if you’re not) give it a real chance. You’ll be surprised at how different this is from the TGIF show from our junior high years.

Any of you have waxing done? I used to go to an esthetician for many many years who would remove my hair and it was not cheap, but it was always 100% worth it to not have to shave as often as I used to. Well one day I thought it was a grand idea to just cut out the middle man and take on the waxing myself. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT AN EASY THING TO DO TO YOURSELF – THERE IS PAIN INVOLVED – YOU WILL HAVE TO LEARN TO STRATEGIZE YOUR EVERY MOVE.

I thought “Hey! I’ll do a quick wax in between all my chores” – yeah, no. Waxing yourself is not quick – it is a very meticulous task that involves a lot of do overs. I spent over 2 hours and I didn’t even finish the area I was working on.

My husband finally finished work and we were on for our HIIT workout date! He hasn’t worked out yet today so he picks one that is tougher than most, and of course 20 minutes long. I told myself that I would go 100% all in with him. We’re here to motivate each other! Even though I was tired I kept going. He finished strong and even though I didn’t go 100% I was still proud of myself for finishing.

I fed the dogs, warmed up some leftovers, and did some decluttering around the kitchen.

After letting the dogs out, I noticed that Sluggo’s paws were caked with mud – and not just fresh mud, but hardened mud from previous yard races. It was time for a bath.

One of my favorite things about Sluggo is that he loves showers but in turn, he only loves the shower if I’m in there with him. I decided since I was also gross from the days work that we could take a nice hot shower together. The mud that came off his paws made me sick – I can’t believe this was all over our carpets, chairs, and even on our bed! YUCK!!!!

What a day. It was only my first day of quarantine and I was exhausted. I didn’t know I was going to be exerting so much energy. Oh wait… yes I did. Remember the working out 3 times a day thing? Oh yeah.

Why was I being so hard on myself for wanting to go to bed at 8:30pm? I had pushed myself to keep going. Why do we do that to ourselves? Why after we accomplish something, we don’t give ourselves the kudos everyone else would? We are always congratulating other people and giving them grace for a job well done, but when it comes to our internal HOORAY we feel we don’t worthy of it?

This was only day 1. I have 13 more to go. This is only the beginning of what’s to come.

Oh hey – here’s me at 4:45 am with my awesome frappe and glass straw!

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