Day 2 – Sunshine in and out

March 25th 2020

I slept in! YAY! I made it to 6:45am!

The glorious sunshine was already peaking in through the curtains inviting me to wake up and get to work. After putting my barista skills to work I started making breakfast for everyone. (No hashbrowns today – still had leftovers).

I kissed my amazing husband before he went into the office for work and I was eager to start my workout. I did only 15 minutes of HIIT with Pamela, but i was cursing the entire time. My legs were so sore! I couldn’t believe that I was sucking wind for a workout I’ve never had an issue with before.

I went through a few items in the kitchen and tidied up but it was so gorgeous outside that I didn’t want to wait to take the dogs for a walk.

My audio was cranking loud with Sherlock Holmes and the dogs were being 100% good boys! There were so many people outside on the walk and a lot of kids were playing in their yards too. One woman who was raking leaves said to me “All the dogs must think they died and went to heaven with all of their owners being home and giving them so many walks!”

In our neighborhood they are doing a “Clover Hunt”, and a lot of households are either putting clovers in their windows or drawing them with chalk on the sidewalk for anyone walking to try and find. I also saw arrows drawn on the sidewalk for a full block leading up to a house and at the front down it said “now accepting beer here”.

I finished the walk at 40 minutes because I wanted to get home for lunch break to relax and talk with my husband. We had some leftover pizza, he did some dishes, and we video called my mom. I miss seeing my mom every other day. I want to hangout with her so bad!

After lunch since the walk wasn’t a full hour I decided to go for round 2. What the heck else do I have going on? The dogs were still good… for the most part. They really love marking on everything! There was a runner coming towards us and to be polite I moved off the sidewalk and in the meantime the dogs were sniffing a part of a fence. I looked over and Bernie’s head was still down investigating the smells and where his head was, Sluggo PEED ALL OVER HIS HEAD AND NECK!! And it wasn’t just a little squirt squirt, it was a full on super soaker of a pee. This was at the beginning of the walk so I decided that Bernie would just be getting a bath when we got home. Doggies and I walked for 1 full hour!

I was so tired afterwards and my shins were killing me. I stretched for a good amount of time after this walk to make sure that I wasn’t limiting my muscle elasticity and I didn’t want to feel tight the next day.

When it was quitting time for my husband to come out of the office I was ecstatic to have human interaction. Since I had already walked twice during the day I decided to let him do a workout without me.

There was a bounty of leftover food in the fridge so we decided to heat up what was already made and have a hodge podge of different entrees for dinner.

My husband and I were dreading the living room mess but decided to look through some boxes together. (The room is currently called BOXAPOLYSE, and there will be a separate post to explain what this is and how it came about.) We started a pile of papers/boxes that can be thrown into the fire pit later.

He went through a toy bin with other miscellaneous items in there, and came across some of his favorite childhood buddies. His favorite are his wrestlers – he has quite an extensive collection of wrestling figures, and accessories. He would show me some of his favorites and some were put in a box of keep and some were put in a box of donations.

He found a couple and would show me their “features”. For example – he found “EARTHWORM JIM” and when you squeezed his body his head would fly off. I wasn’t sure if the toy was just so old or he wasn’t using enough pressure but his head would just flop down when my husband would tighten his hands around him. We laughed so hard at this! It was hilarious to us that this toy used to bring so much excitement to him in his childhood and now it’s not as impressive. It was fun to laugh about it though, and to have my husband show me more about his past, was truly a treasure.

It was getting late and we decided to head up to bed. I grabbed my book to indulge in some more self esteem boosting, but ended up falling asleep on top of the book.

Are there toys, photos, or treasures from your past that you like to keep around and every few years take it out and reminisce what it was like during that time of your life? Do the memories involve people, or a moment? Do you share the memory with others or keep it to yourself?

Soaking up all the pee in his thick white coat… 😦 FACE PALM!!!

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