Day 3 – Unexpected Details

March 26th 2020

“Started from the bottom now we here.” ~ Drake

I woke up so sore… I could barely even move. I told myself that today if I didn’t workout 3 times a day I wouldn’t be upset with myself. And neither should I be. I’ve been pushing and pushing the last 2 days and I deserve to enjoy my time to exercise. I once read a quote that said “Working out is not a punishment for what you ate, but a celebration of what your body can do.”

I like to workout, and I like to move around and get my blood pumping, my lungs expanding, and my pores sweating. I don’t like forcing myself to do something that I dread. Yes, working out sometimes isn’t the most fun and you need to kick your inner self and just do it, but you also shouldn’t be anxious to get moving. Relax, take a breath, and give yourself some slack.

I was talking with the slayers and there are things we want to do or accomplish but we don’t always feel like it’s enough. Well here’s the truth and it’s not what you expect.

It is enough.

You don’t have to climb Mount Everest to accomplish your climbing goals, why not start with a hike in a state park? You don’t have to sell out a concert hall full of fans to be a great singer, just start with daily practices of singing in the shower, or in front of the mirror, or even in front of friends or family? You don’t have to Kon Mari your entire house to be a great organizer, start with one drawer in the bathroom, or kitchen, and marvel at the fact that you even started organizing in the first place. Starting a task sometimes is an achievement in and of itself.

During the summers I would go to Cross Country Camp (yep… I would go to a camp where we would run multiple times a day and have lectures about running techniques, training, mental pushes, etc.) My favorite quote from Coach Witt was “There are 3 steps that are the hardest in starting your training. The first three steps off the couch and out the door.”

Being productive isn’t always defined by the size of the task you finish, but more the amount and quality of the task you finish. Do you usually just let the dogs outside and watch them run around the yard, but today you went outside with them and threw the ball around for a little bit? That’s taking a step towards doing more than what you did before. Kudos to you!

My husband has been watching me over the last couple of days cleaning and organizing and he was on me about when I would clean up my coffee/tea area which was starting to spread across the counter and onto the stove top. I decided since I wasn’t going to be working out this morning that I would tackle this task with 100% focus. It wasn’t a large area or even a lot of items but it still felt awesome to do a chore that was beneficial to myself and to my husband. See photos below!

Continuing my delay in sorting through Boxapolyse, I decided to try and make some liquid soap from a recipe my sister sent me. I had to shave bar soap, and boil it with hot water and stir stir stir!! Then I added some essential oils and covered for the hardening process.

I decided to go in my room, close the door and start some meditation and writing when I was surprised to hear a knock. My husband came in and asked if he was bothering me and I said “Of course not, what’s up?” With a heavy sigh he delivered some unsettling news to me that had just happened at his work. I sat there looking at him in total shock and just stared through him trying to decipher what he had just told me. We both sat in my room discussing the situation and what will happen next, but it was surreal. I couldn’t believe that during this incredibly difficult time in the world we receive even more devastating news.

The rest of the day was quiet and neither of us really had anything to say about the position we were in. I was feverishly applying for different jobs through LinkedIn. I needed to find something so that we would have a bigger check coming in since unemployment won’t be enough to cover groceries, bills, and our mortgage.

After a long silent afternoon, I asked my husband if he would like to come along on my daily walk with the dogs. He said he would like that, so we bundled up, grabbed some plastic bags and hand sanitizer, and took a leisurely stroll through and beyond the neighborhood.

We were able to intimately talk about what our next steps would be for our family, and how we were going to be proactive about our decision making. We are going to have to cut back on spending drastically, even though it won’t be too tough right now with the quarantine. From unplugging unused devices, and turning down the heat, and we came up with a challenge to not go grocery shopping until all the food was gone from every inch of our fridge, freezer, and cabinets.

After our walk, making some dinner, and reminding each other that we’re going to get through this valley together, we decided to go after some more boxes. We had the show “RIDICULOUSNESS” on in the background and it was slightly relaxing to laugh at the videos together.

Staying positive during the darkest of life’s curves can be a chore at times. Every day trying to lift our own spirits and then also encouraging other people might not be at the front of your to-do list, but now more than ever this needs to be our top priority. Everyone in the world is going through the same thing, and we cannot allow the negativity of being alone sink into our minds. We must continue to reach out and reach within and remind each other that we will get through this, and it will be as a team and stronger together than we’ve ever been.

What do you do constantly to remain positive? Do you reach out to others? Do you watch inspiring videos or listen to inspiring speeches? When do you feel your most positive self? What have you done today to pour out your positive attitude and genuine motivation towards others?

Look at all this food we have! We’ll be golden for several weeks!

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