Day 5 – 6 feet apart

March 28th 2020

Woke up late on Saturday morning feeling very blah.

My parents own an 8 unit lake property and needed help moving furniture so my husband and I packed up the Jeep and headed out to help my mom.

When I saw my mom it was so hard to not hug her. I never even think about it when I see her, it’s the first thing I always do. I couldn’t hug my mom. My husband and I were very conscientious to stay 6 feet away from her.

After loading the furniture into the Jeep and filling up my moms car we took everything over to her farmhouse to have some lunch. My mom and dad just built a new addition on to their house and we were instructed to stay in that part house only.

We opened a bottle of champagne, had burgers and chips, and swapped a few stories of how we’re keeping busy during this difficult time.

It was a strange feeling sitting in the same room as my mother but on completely opposite sides of the room! I wanted to sit next to my mom and hold her hand, and hug her, and have her play with my hair (even though I don’t like when people touch my hair, it’s different when it’s your mom.)

She gave us a jar of salsa, a bottle of ketchup, a roll of toilet paper and a roll of paper towel, then sent us off with air hugs.

Again, I was so sad.

My family is affectionate and we never leave each other without a hug and kiss goodbye. It didn’t seem right.

The weather matched my mood with the dreary clouds and misty rain.

As my husband and I drove home I told him to take a detour so that we could drive by my grandparents old house on Grantosa. It was so depressing to see their house. The flag in the front yard was all torn up, the grass had too many brown spots, and the weeds in the garden beds were the only occupants. I told my husband I didn’t want to look at it anymore. It was time to go home.

When we arrived home we let the dogs out and I wanted to do some blogging. I situated myself in my room when I received a text from my sister asking “you joining the Haroldson call?” I was very confused because I didn’t receive any calls, but she explained it was a zoom call and she sent the invite to my gmail, which would make sense because I did not check my email at all yet today.

I dialed in to the call and it immediately brightened my mood!!! I was so thrilled to see all my cousins and aunts and uncles from all over the country, and even a second cousin of mine who is studying in England!

As always my Uncle was asking where my husband was (since clearly I’m not enough entertainment for him.) After my husband came into my room and we started chatting, one of my cousins announced they are going to be having a baby come this fall! Ahhh!! So exciting! In true Haroldson fashion all of us adults grabbed a drink and cheers over the video chat.

We were on the call for over and hour and a half! It was incredible to hear so many different projects everyone is working on. Of course my uncles asked my husband about his wrestling, and he explained his hobby to some of the family who is out of the loop, but then the cousins who have been to shows chimed in and shared their experiences as well!

After the call I decided to do some reading and writing. I was feeling fully inspired again!

My husband was out in the living room working on his boxes but then decided he needed to give his basement area some attention.

I went downstairs and he had found his old box tv and dvd player and was hooking it up in his workout area! I was so proud of him, and happy for him since now he could have his own space to call his own.

I opened a drink and went upstairs to relax. I felt as though the day was a whirlwind of emotions that had drained me.

As I was laying in bed I saw that my phone was ringing for a video call from my twin! Seeing her lovely face kept my love tank full to the brim! She even brought the doggies into the video so I could see them too. My husband also wanted to talk with her, so I had to call him up from the basement. We talked for about an hour but I was starting to fall asleep so I had to end the call.

What platform(s) are you using to social distance but video with family/friends? Have you felt that this has been helping to fill the interactive void? Have you been staying 6 feet apart from anyone you encounter? Are you stopping the spread?

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