Day 7 – Irritability at it’s finest

March 30th 2020

Monday Morning felt just like a Saturday morning for some reason. I woke up, rolled over to check my phone and saw that I had a missed call and some texts from my mom to wake up and get going!

My husband and I had agreed to help finish moving the rest of the furniture since they now had a trailer to haul the beds, frames, and a couch (to be delivered to my house!! YAY!!) I made a small breakfast for my husband and I, and were still waiting for our instructions on when and where to meet my parents. I saw an email come in from my mom with a “to-do list” but still wasn’t told of a time.

I told my husband it was time to start heading West towards them, but first I would stop at work to grab a couple more smaller boxes to ship the rest of the orders. As we were driving we jokingly said to each other “I bet this and this will happen” and then we looked at each other and decided to make a bunch of bets on different activities/interactions that would happen while helping my parents. It was hilarious. We wagered things from doing the dishes, to making breakfast, and picking up the doggy droppings in the yard to chugging a drink. We came up with 10 different bets!!

We were almost there when my dad called and wanted us to go to the Farmhouse right away because he STILL wasn’t ready for us to help him but he needed my husband to help him unload his truck to free up space for the items. We drove up to the house, saw my parents and I had won the first bet. I then scooted away to work so that I could quickly get all the items in the remaining boxes and then go to the post office.

It was so eerie going to work. It was as if the place was deserted and had been abandoned for months. The heat was turned off, there were no lights turned on, and it was silent. No just oh it’s quiet, but there was literally no sound at all, as if I was wearing noise cancelling headphones.

I walked over to my cube to grab a couple more things off my desk, and to water my plant. When I was there I called my boss just to see if he was around, but he said he was there earlier and might go back later.

I grabbed my boxes, and while I was there my coworker asked me to grab her shelving unit on her desk that raises her laptop and to put it outside for her to pickup later.

Side note about this coworker: she absolutely HATES when other people touch her stuff. I refuse to go in her cube ever. Even if she asks me a question I don’t enter her cube, I’ll stand outside of it.

Side note about me: I am the CLUMSIEST person you will ever meet. I spill, or drop, or knock over, or trip over something at least a handful of times a day. I keep a roll of paper towel in my cube because of all the drinks that have soaked a lot of different papers.

Now this coworker who hates when people even touch the same pen she is using, wants the clumsiest person in the office to take her monitor and all the crap that’s on top of this huge raised desk, and put it in a box for her.

I was so focused during this moment because I took a picture of how her desk was setup so that I could put everything back EXACTLY the way it was. I sanitized my hands, shimmied the monitor, and slowly tugged on the raised desk to simultaneously remove them from each other. I finally was at the edge when I felt there was no more cord left to move the monitor any further. I had to make a decision. Was I going to move everything back? Or was I going to risk it like a party trick by pulling a tablecloth out from underneath plates, and glasses…

Party trick!!!!

I took a huge breath in and I think I even closed my eyes and pulled the desk out from underneath the monitor. It fell towards the ground and the monitor was slipping out of my hand so I stuck my leg out and clenched my knees together while flinging my free hand to stabilize the monitor back on the lower desk.


I quickly finished with the boxes, packed up the Jeep and went to the post office. When I arrived a lot of people were leaving the building so I felt safe knowing it wasn’t as crowded as usual. The workers were behind a plastic shower curtain that was hanging from the ceiling and you could still slide the boxes across the counter.

I was there for over a half an hour. I had to label all the boxes and I was still waiting to hear back form a couple of people who hadn’t sent me their addresses yet! People were coming and going and I kept telling them to go in front of me while I was standing there like 7th grade against the bleachers waiting for someone to ask me to dance.

I finally got to the counter and had to go through 7 different shipping boxes of yes I authorize, no there’s nothing explosive or liquid, yes that’s the right address, no I don’t want priority, yes ground is fine. GEEZ!!! I don’t ever remember the post office taking this long or having so many questions!! They have to be thorough I guess, and I should be happy knowing they are being safe with all packages.

I drive back to the farmhouse and find out that I have to drive the keys out to the apartments because my dad forgot to grab them when they drove out there…?

That was an unnecessary 40+ minutes wasted…

I get back to the farmhouse and start loading a table and cushions into the Jeep that we had acquired from my parents. The Jeep was full! I could NOT see out of any of the windows or rearview mirror. Good thing the Jeep has the backup cam!!

I park in the driveway and see my neighbor pulling into his garage. I hear him complaining about the people down the street and how they’re always parking in front of his house and taking up all the space on the road for his car to park on the street. I heard him yelling about this because his friend couldn’t park in front of his house to pick up some DVDs. I wonder if he’s running a rental over there… maybe I could see his DVD collection!!

We exchange pleasantries and yell HALLELUJAH that we haven’t died from the pandemic yet.

I unload everything and start to work on putting the table together when my husband and father arrive with the couch. I told them to put it anywhere because my husband had not finished with his boxes and the living room still needed to be vaccuumed, the other couch thrown out, and dog toys were everywhere.

I went back to assembling the table while my husband made lunch for us. If you remember we are not going to the grocery store until all the food in our house is gone. Soup and sandwiches. The soup was not good, and the sandwich was mediocre. All I wanted was to order some JimmyJohns or some Toppers and just not have to put in any work to make a meal or clean up afterwards or do dishes.

I was at my wits end, but there was only a half an hour left until I had a Zoom call where I would be painting with friends.

My husband went downstairs to the basement, I made some tea, and found my sketchbook from high school, along with some colored pencils and setup my laptop and desk for my temporary work area.

My cousin (actually my cousins wife but whatever she’s my cousin now) and I chatted on the video call for a little bit and then we had one more woman join us. We chose a landscape theme and drew a cactus with a sunset/desert sand in the background.

I think my inner creative self was yearning for an activity like that, because during the call I was overjoyed with the conversation, the encouragement from each of us to the other for our drawings, and my shoulders relaxed, my mouth couldn’t stop smiling, and my heart felt full of love.


After the call I went on Amazon to look for different paint sets to see if there was anything I could purchase for the next paint session- nothing came up yet, and I decided to stick with my colored pencils for now.

Have you been doing anything creative with your time in quarantine? Have you looked into what your inner creative self needs?

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