Day 8 – Tiger King

March 31st 2020

Woke up to a chill and overcast. Looks like more chores inside!

After breakfast I went to the basement to asses the laundry situation. It had now developed into different mounds of clothes, blankets, towels, and undergarments that were in desperate need of washing.

I went through quite a few loads and brought them all upstairs to the bedroom for folding when I noticed I had 3 baskets of clean clothes that were starting to get comfortable in their wrinkly state. As I put them all in a giant pile on the bed, I turned on Netflix to see what might be good to have on in the background while folding, and I had seen it before, but kept scrolling by, TigerKing.

I had heard SO MANY stupid descriptions of this show, that I was not at all interested in watching it. The night before when I was painting, the other ladies on the call were talking about the show, and were telling me that the descriptions I had heard were not very accurate. I definitely should watch it and make the judgments for myself.

Since I had already finished a lot of other shows and wanting to have something on in the background that didn’t matter too much, I decided I’ll give TigerKing a shot.

The way people were talking about the show was NOT AT ALL what it is about. There’s a fragment of the last episode in which parts of what was said about the show were true, but it was a roller coaster of mentally deranged people, and the exotic animals that they owned.

If you have not seen the show, let me tell you something, watch it with the mind set that the show has a lot of foreshadowing, and you may need to watch an episode twice, or even the entire series more than once.

If you have seen the show, 1) Who killed Carol’s husband? 2) Who set the alligator house on fire? 3) Would you eat off a meat truck if that’s the only food you had? 4) Why did I not see more campaigns for Joe when he was running for POTUS? 5) Can someone please give me more background on Joe’s childhood? 6) What the *&$% is with the girls who change their names, and do they have families on the land, and do they make a lot of money, and what do they spend it on?

I was on the 3rd episode when my husband came upstairs to check in on me and how the laundry was going, and to help me fold to get it done faster. I told him about TigerKing and he watched a little of the episode with me. I told him if he wanted to watch it together I would even start it over from the 1st episode to watch it with him. Laundry was done, so we went downstairs to organize a few things in the living room and put on TigerKing to watch together.

I made some lunch but we couldn’t take our eyes off of TigerKing. We kept Netflix rolling until mid-afternoon when it was time to take a breather and get out of the house for a little bit. We took the doggies on an hour long walk down to Ray’s for a couple of drinks for us for the evening.

When we got back home, it was time to continue TigerKing!!! We vaccuumed the living room, moved some of the boxes out of the way, set up our couch, grabbed some snacks, and buckled up for the last few episodes of the series.

I feel as though I have so many unanswered questions but I don’t think anyone has the information I need. I think they should do another series with more information from other employees, or customers who came through the zoos, or even additional law enforcement that had encounters with all of the different characters. I need more!!!

Once we finished the series we put on another movie, and fell asleep on our new couch together with the doggies.

Have you seen TigerKing? Do you want to know more? Do you know more and would like to share? What else is out there with similar personalities as the people who were in the documentary?

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