Day 10 – Sunshine, Yardwork, 6ft.

April 2nd 2020

There are days when you wake up and the last thing you want to do is take care of yardwork. For me that had been the last 5 years since my husband and I have moved in. Today, however; is going to be when I finally take a shovel and rake and my fully capable hands and take care of that mess!

It is absolutely GORGEOUS outside! I decided it was time for shorts and a tank top, and tossed a hat on my head. I had a bountiful breakfast (gotta carb load ya know?) and put in my earbuds for some more Sherlock Holmes stories.

I grew up in a house that during summertime EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY we had outside chores – no questions asked, and now I own my house and have beautiful front garden beds that I have never ever done anything with. (Mom I’m so sorry!!!)

The garden tools that I have are in awesome condition (which naturally since I’ve never used them to their full potential) and I grab them all out of the garage, along with a huge yellow bucket and go to the front of the house to assess what my first move is. Honestly, it was so trashed I just started raking and I didn’t know if they were weeds, or compost, or wood chips, or garbage.

I then noticed that the brick wall surrounding the garden was falling over and it was looking kind of jank, so I diverted my attention towards that and decided raking would have to wait. The bricks were stacked in 3 layers. They were so deep in the ground that I had to thrust the shovel deep into the soil around them to try to make room to wiggle them up and out of the ground.

I then made a little trench in the dirt next to the sidewalk where I would be able to evenly position the first foundation of bricks next to each other. The final stacking of layers didn’t take long, but I could tell I was starting to fight a little muscle fatigue since I was at the 4 hour mark of constant moving and lifting.

As soon as the brick border was back in place I was able to finish raking out the remaining items that were abandoned. I found the tulips that were beneath all the leaves and weeds and arranged the bulbs in a line towards the front of the garden.

I needed a shower and I needed it now. I took off my shoes and went straight to the bathroom where I stripped down and hopped in the steamy water. After I was clothed again, my husband and I decided it was time to go for a walk!

We took the dogs with us, but I told him I wasn’t up for an hour long walk. I had hit the exhaustion wall! We went down to Ray’s and bought a variety of beverages and headed back home to start our bonfire.

The fire was slowly going, and the neighbors on both sides were out with their dogs too. My twin came by to hangout for a pre “booday” social distancing party. She brought her own disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer, and we wiped down all the bottles prior to handing them over to her. We all were able to catch up and enjoy the fire 6ft away from each other.

It started to get dark and my twin and I stayed out by the fire laughing and going back and forth with stories of what we’ve been up to since quarantine life. She then proceeded to tell me about her issues with AT&T. I told her that I never had problems with them before and was concerned since they were acting like total jerks towards her! I immediately put my older sister pants on and had her call them from her phone to figure out exactly what was going on.

Long story short we were on hold for over an hour and nothing was resolved, but at least we were able to spend more time together!

Are you staying 6ft away from everyone? Do you know someone who is supposed to have an event happening during quarantine but it was cancelled? How is everyone feeling right now with not being able to hug your loved ones?

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