Day 11 – All American

April 3rd 2020

I woke up with a fierce energy to work on the other gardening bed in front of the house. I made a large breakfast and wanted to finish up the dishes that were lingering on the counter, and the mess of papers and junk on the table.

My husband came downstairs as I was washing dishes and saw I had started a new show on Netflix called “ALL AMERICAN”.

If you have not seen or heard of this show, it is High School Sports and Drama TO A T!!!! I love watching the football practices and games part of the show and then learning about the characters off the field. I highly recommend the show to anyone who loves a cheesy drama but also who is missing live action sports!! 🙂

A strong wind had picked up by the time I was finished with the dishes, so my outside work would be put on hold for today and would have to commence tomorrow.

Instead my husband and I spent the day inside each on our laptops with ALL AMERICAN on in the background.

We recently found out that my husbands brother had proposed to his now fiance and we were so thrilled for the both of them. I had offered my services wherever the bride would need, and I had recommended they create a wedding website. They told me they weren’t sure on where to start with it, so I suggested I would start it for them, and if they liked it, they can keep it, or if not, then they can delete the site.

I worked on a majority of the site during the day, but haven’t finished it yet. I don’t want to reveal anything to them until I’m 100% satisfied with my work.

The sun started coming out again and we both wanted to enjoy the nice weather while it lasted. My husband went to the pet store for dog food, and the liquor store for a couple of drinks for us to enjoy outside by the fire.

While he was gone I posted up on the hammock and chatted with my neighbors on both sides of the fences but also relaxing and tending to the fire. My neighbor asked if I liked Crispin and I said I’ve had it before and I’m a fan. He then handed me two 6packs of Crispin one for me and one for my neighbor on the other side of my house. Then gave us each 2 packs of alcoholic seltzers to try!!

He explained that his buddy works for a distributor and they can’t bring the expired beverages to buyers and he had an entire trunk full of cases of beer, ciders, seltzers, that would have had to be thrown away. We gladly took the free booze!

When my husband had arrived home, I told him about our neighbors friend, and he put the alcohol in the fridge and we just enjoyed some ciders outside next to the bonfire until the trickles of rain came down to send us inside.


After dinner we had a Zoom call with friends to play JackBox! It was a wonderful time and we played multiple rounds of different games.

I slowly fell asleep while playing though…. whoops!

Are you able to support others at a distance during this time? All the weddings, graduations, birthday parties, etc. that are cancelled are you able to send joy to those who are unable to host their events?

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