Day 12 – Sorting and Sending

April 4th

Another morning with sunshine peaking in and out of the clouds but a lot to do in 1 day!

We had been putting the drawers full of toys outside on the sidewalk here and there, so I told my husband that today would be the last day for the toys outside, and then they are getting packed up to send to St. Vinny’s when they accept donations again. So we put everything outside for one last hurrah!

My husband had a couple more boxes in the living room, and since he had a couple of boxes started in the basement already, I told him to combine everything downstairs so that the living room could go back to being a place of relaxing and no more boxes were allowed in there.

It was time to venture out. We no longer had food to make meals – only chips and candy were left. It’s time. My husband said he just wanted eggs and bread and milk – I said if we’re going out, we are not going back for a while – so now is the time to stock up on anything that looks necessary.

We arrived at aldi in our bandana masks and gloves, and grabbed our bags and hand sanitizer. When we approached the cart area the workers were wiping everything down and told us that carts were of no charge since they didn’t want coins being passed between patrons. Walking inside on the ground were markings of where 6ft apart from each other were. People weren’t being limited to entering so it was a bit cramped for trying to stay 6ft.

$177 later and multiple hand wipes – we were able to pack up the car and get home!

I had my husband bring in the groceries while I sprayed and wiped down anything that came from the outside world. I washed my hands over and over again!!! But damn it felt good to have the fridge and cabinets stocked with actual food and ingredients to make full meals.

All of the blankets, towels, sheets, pillowcases, and napkins had been washed but were in a pile on top of the guest bed – it was time to tackle that project! Bernie was also eager for me to finish this project so he could have a place to relax without being yelled at to get off the clean laundry!

I was able to divide up the items that were for bedding and the others were just towels or bathroom accessories. Since I had funneled all my belongings into a couple of bins I had plenty to spare to use for the matching sets to be organized.

After a while of sorting and finding even more clean laundry downstairs, I was finally able to start putting the items away. I was folding a blanket when I saw out the window someone looking at the drawers of toys we had in front of our house. I told my husband he was grabbing all the wrestling items, and we were so happy that this man had taken a liking to the wrestling rings and entrances! When I came back to see what else he might be grabbing I saw him pickup the entire drawer compartment and take everything to his truck!

Knowing that my husband had sorted through a few more bins and had many more back in the alley I ran outside to tell the man! He said thank you and that his grandkids will love the toys to play with when they come visit him. I told him to go back into the alley because we had a lot of different items he might be interested in.


There were ethernet cables, a wireless mouse, a radio, and many other electronics that he said he would be able to fix up no problem! He asked me about a fishing game that was there and that he couldn’t wait to replace the batteries and to play the game himself. I was so happy that he was able to take our items and repair them and put them to good use. Everyone won that day! Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure!!!

After a long day of sorting through boxes and sending items on their merry way, it was time for some painting with friends!

Twin joined us on our call! It was so fun to talk for over an hour with friends while having some wine, and very calmly coloring and sketching. My sister jumped on the call later, but wasn’t painting, mostly just chatting with all of us and telling us fun stories about my niece and how she is doing with everything. After everyone was ready to wrap up and leave, twin and I decided to stay on the call a little longer so that we could have a little bit longer facetime together. We stayed on pretty late too!

Who are we without expression? Are you feeling like you’re able to still be yourself during this difficult time? What type of activities are you pushing yourself to do to make sure you don’t lose yourself in quarantine?

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