Day 14 – Happy Booday (Birthday) Twin!

April 6th 2020

Woke up on this day with the hope that the 4th found bunny would be able to get help from it’s mother. Turns out, it died in the night. My husband buried him in the front garden bed that I had fixed up a couple of days ago. I was so sad.

My husband suggested we call my twin for her birthday via facetime and remind her that today is the best day ever, since it was the day she was born. We called her up, chatted for about a half an hour, then decided – let’s go social distance with her for her booday!

We packed up the dogs, a cooler of drinks, hand sanitizer, and a jug of clorox wipes. We arrived at her house and hungout in the backyard where we didn’t need to get too close! We decided to play the Ellen game – “Heads Up” and really got into it!

My husband kept bugging us about a promo video he needed to do for his wrestling gig, so my twin and I decided – we needed to really go all out for it. Video below!!

We said our goodbyes and headed home – on our way we decided to stop for some Tbell! It was fantastic.

My twin… below is my best attempt at expressing how much I love you for your birthday present!

When we first met each other, it was simply an acquaintance – no urge to further get to know each other. Years later our paths crossed again, but this time it was instant lifelong friendship. More than friendship, it was sisterhood. You lived with my husband and I for many years with Kota and when you told us you were moving out, I was deeply emotional for 2 main reasons. 1) I didn’t want you to leave me, 2) I was thrilled you were going out on your own.

Your soul is ambitious and pure – constantly wanting to make a difference in the world. I admire that about you the most. Your heart is kind and full – everyday looking to help your friends and family, and always trying to cheer them up, or make them smile. Your personality is charismatic and strong – I can’t name a time when we didn’t have fun, or weren’t laughing, or trying to be silly together. You are fierce and you persevere and want others to go forward with you.

It’s hard to imagine you not in my life but this is what I came to think it would be like;

My life would be unfulfilled.

I never would have experienced Paris the way you encouraged us to. I never would have had gone out on the lake in the summers on the paddle boat and laughed and cried and released so many terrible memories I was holding on to. I never would have played kickball and learned so much about the rules of the game, or won 2 championships, or would have had to google how to treat gouge wounds and have bought a gallon of peroxide. I never would have gone to SummerFest so many nights and danced, and drank, and sang at the top of my lungs and not have a voice the next day. I never would have cleaned out the spare bedroom or the basement. I never would have made it through planning my wedding, and my wedding day. I never would have pushed myself to be a strong big sister who would kick anyone’s ass who would mess with another person. I never would have had the most epic Halloween Party with food, drinks, games, contests, prizes, and vivid memories. I never would have been so confident in myself as a woman and encourage women to boost themselves and share ourselves with each other.

The list is certainly endless of the things you’ve done for me in my life by making me feel fulfilled. You are the best-est best friend I could ever have.

Happy Booday!!!

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