Day 15 – Love Is Blind

April 7th 2020

Woke up to a pile of dishes and a show suggestion from my Sunday Zoom Call – LOVE IS BLIND.

One thing about me is that I am fully intrigued by social experiments and psychological observation. I took AP Psychology in high school and decided I wanted to go into Psychology as my major in College. (I switched directions, but still took many classes). I love Freud and Pavlov and Jung, and all the other path creators in the psychology world. My passion for the brain and how it functions and emotions and intentions and actions are always being studied during my daily life.

I immediately loved the show. My favorite were Cameron and Lauren. Their connection was natural and neither of them asked about what the other looked like – it was strictly learning about who the person is, what they like, what they want in life, goals, future family, etc.

I was able to hook my husband into watching a couple of episodes with me. It was refreshing to watch the show with him because we would stop the show, talk about the couples, and discuss the experiment, and how we felt about what was going on. We laughed about some of the personalities on the show, and who was engaged, and if they were going to make it, and if the connection was real.

After a couple of episodes it was time to take the dogs on a serious walk. We walked for over an hour and 20 minutes – it was our longest walk yet! Took a different route, but still came back on North Ave so we could stop at Ray’s for a few beverages.

It was a long and warm walk so we brought out the kiddie pool for the pups! Below is Sluggo enjoying standing in the pool. Even without water!

We continued to relax outside with the dogs, and decided to play “Heads Up” again with each other. We played for over a half an hour and could not stop laughing at each other’s descriptions of the answer to be guessed.

After we went inside and had some dinner – I saw that my cousin had posted a request on Facebook to Family and Friends to help with her daughter’s 6th birthday party! Since we’re in quarantine she wasn’t able to have her party that was planned. Her daughter loves watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and did a tutorial herself. She asked for family and friends to do her tutorial and then post back what the finished project looked like. I was instantly interested in watching her video and then following her instructions, and obviously it would be on my husband!! He was such a great sport about it, and even let me put fake eyelashes on him.

Have you ever done a makeup tutorial? Did you like how it turned out? Would you do a makeup tutorial that was done by a 6 year old?

A memory below from a couple years ago during this time…

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