Day 16 – Laundry & L.I.B.

April 8th 2020

Whenever I make meals and dirty up the pans and dishes and silverware, it’s 9 times out of 10 that my husband does the dishes. When I make a mess with the items that need to be cleaned, he always asks “Are you going to be dirtying up any dishes?” and my response is always “Are you going to be dirtying up any clothes?”

I do the laundry and I love it. It honestly relaxes me to get this chore done, and I get to watch shows or play my own music in the background – and all the apparel is put away neatly and organized.

My husband showed me a video with a new trend #dontrush. I looked it up and apparently it was started from a group of girls that are “caught” in their lounge wear but a makeup brush is thrown to them, the cover the camera, and instantly they are transformed into going out ready. It was impressive! My husband asked me to help him with a video with him doing something similar with his wrestling guys where they are caught outside of the ring and after the camera is covered he is in his wrestling gear. Well…. I love making funny videos and I told him I would be all in.

Below is my favorite article regarding the beginning of #dontrush

The entire day all I did was laundry and had on LoveIsBlind in the background. My husband came upstairs and watched the show with me – it took the entire day to finish the show because we kept pausing the show to have discussions about it. We also asked each other questions about our personal behaviors because we kept seeing how the couples were interacting with each other, and we were questioning the way we treat each other. We went into a deep conversation about how we notice that we hurt each other sometimes and it’s never on purpose, we know we’re going to do it again, and it’s never malicious.

I have a nasty way with words sometimes. If a person pushes me too far, I will use my deepest, meanest, thoughts and say them to people to intentionally hurt them.

Wow. I am a total B*%&$.

I have been trying so hard lately to hold back how I express my anger, or frustration with someone. I know that it’s not fair to attack them that way.

Is there something about yourself that you are working on? Have you started to work on it because you noticed it, or because others told you?

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