Day 18 – #DontRush

April 10th 2020

As the day started my husband had reminded me of the request from a couple of days ago to help him make his video for wrestling associated with the #dontrush phenomenon.

I’M IN!!!

I LOVE making videos. I took a directing class in High School – at the time I thought I loved acting – but in reality, I LOVE directing/producing. The gratification I feel to bring the story together, find the right props, rearranged sentences with better verbiage, position people or things in a better light, doing multiple takes, editing the video, and to watch the final production.

Our entire day revolved around making this video. It wasn’t just 1 part of a video but it was 4 different parts. It also had transitions in the video that needed to be timed just right so that the next shot looked instant. The infatuation with this video was consuming. I needed this video to be the best. My husband also wanted it to be that way. We agreed that it didn’t matter how many takes we had to do – each section of the video needed to be 100.

I’m not saying it was easy – because my husband and I fought often over which part of the short videos we took were good or bad, what could be done better, how should this frame appear? It was endless back and forth. We were arguing, but only because both of us wanted this video to be superior to the other ones.

His wrestling crew was giving him a hard time making comments on how long it was taking for him to film a short 16 second video. HA! Jokes on them… ours turned out to be SUPREME! Everyone else in the video you could tell didn’t put enough time in the transitions or the story. We finally sent them the video when we were good and ready!!

One of my husband’s wrestling friends said “worth the wait”!!

Below is a link to the video on facebook – but also another video for TikTok for our portion of the video.


My portion of the Dont Rush Challenge. Full one to come!

♬ Super Smash Bros Melee Remix (#chooseyourcharacter) – Jim Walter

After the videos it was time to enjoy a few drinks and relax!! We ate dinner, turned on the tv for some movies, and kept laughing at the video and continuously replaying it over and over and over….

As we were on the couch I received a message from my coworker/little sister that she was in need of a friend. 100% hands down no questions asked I told her to come over to my house. I told her that it’s okay and she will always have a safe haven in my home. She came over for a little bit and as we sat in the kitchen talking, I could tell she was starting to feel a little bit better. It’s important to sometimes put other’s needs before our own. It’s not always easy or comfortable, but it might just make a huge difference to someone, if you just listen.

What sort of inner creativeness is coming out of you during quarantine? Have you sparked up an interest you always enjoyed but it fell to the wayside? What are you going to do with it?

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