Day 20 – Happy Easter(ish)

April 12th 2020

Rolled over in bed to look at a missed call, text, and facebook message from my mom. Today is the day my husband and I were going to go to the farm, sit on the porch, and have Easter dinner with my mom and dad.


My husband wasn’t feeling well and we didn’t want to go to the farm and expose my parents to anything.

I called my mom and told her the situation – I told her how sad I was but that it was the better decision for everyone. She told me she would drop off a couple of plates of food for my husband and I – and that she wouldn’t even see us – just let us know when the food was dropped off. I told her that would be very considerate of her, and I would appreciate the dropoff.

*$#& no I’m not okay with this!!!!!

I miss my mom so much. The quarantine madness is setting into my emotions and I cannot believe I’m not going to see my family on Easter – especially my mom.

I couldn’t handle it anymore. I went back to my bed, sprawled out face down, and cried. I #&$^ing miss my mom. I want to hug her, see her face, laugh at stupid jokes, go golfing, embrace the sunshine, and have her fill my love tank with all her reasons she loves me.

I was texting friends and family during the day to try and cheer myself up. My twin was helping me feel better through text – she understood how much this is really affecting my social extrovert self.

I had been doing chores around the house when I had a craving for a mimosa. I told my husband I was going to go to Ray’s and grab ingredients for a mimosa, but also pick up my mom’s wine from Ray’s so that she wouldn’t stop by and try to get it herself.

I went to Ray’s with my bandanna face mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, and wipes. The workers were all super friendly and I thanked them all for their help with working on Easter Sunday. A woman even helped carry out my mom’s case of wine so that I could carry the rest of my beverages.

When I got home I wiped down all the wine bottles and box, and told my husband I was going to put it out on the front stoop for my mom when she “drove by” later in the afternoon.

He told me to go outside but to wait with the box because the Easter Bunny had stopped by while I was out.

When I went outside there was a lemon white claw and a bottle of Pineapple Mimosa on the porch with a note from my TWIN!!! She knew how sad I was feeling made me feel so much better just by dropping it off.

I started to cry.

It was such a beautiful gesture. I texted her and told her how much I appreciated it, and that she honestly is the bestest for trying to cheer me up.

I poured mimosas for my husband and I and we had a little Easter Cheers. I told my mom I bought stuff for mimosas and she asked if I wanted to do a cheers to her from our house and she was in the car. I told her that would really help with my sadness.

My husband and I moved a couple of chairs and a table outside – grabbed some blankets and hand wipes, and my parents pulled up as we were settling in outside.

My dad brought the tray of food/glasses and set it on our stoop. I put the case of wine in my moms trunk with no interaction.

We all grabbed a glass and “air cheers-ed” !

We sat and talked outside for over and hour. I couldn’t have been happier to have physically seen my mom and dad!

My mom even brought me chalk for the sidewalk and a SpongeBob deck of cards to play with.

After they left my husband and I heated up the ham and rolls, ate the big salad, and finished with chocolate chip cookies my mom baked.

The meal was so delicious and fulfilling. My husband and I were going to get the dogs and go for a walk! I got my items together and went to lay down while he finished getting ready and fell asleep!!


I woke up to my husband playing videos games and I was still incredibly groggy. My sciatic was also starting to irritate me and I couldn’t position my body in any way that would ease the pain.

I kissed him goodnight – got ready for bed – and went upstairs to lay down and relax without the dogs bothering me.

I messaged my twin again to let her know that I love her so much and was incredibly thankful for her kindness today.

How is everyone doing during the quarantine? Have you expressed to people if you are struggling? Have you been reaching out to others to give them strength in case they are struggling?

This is a difficult time – but we’re all going through it – we need to continue to show compassion towards each other.

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