Day 22 – Sciatic Bull$*%#

April 14th 2020

I did not sleep well. I was restless all night and could not get comfortable. My sciatic was not calming down, but getting exponentially worse. I stretched, I had my husband massage my legs, I went back and forth on the foam roller, I rubbed on icyhot – NOTHING WORKED.

On top of all that it was SNOWING!!!!

I took some melatonin to try and help me sleep for a couple of hours, but of course that did not work at all.

I looked up home remedies and what else could be done to remove the tension in my muscles just so I could have even a few minutes without agony in my legs up my back and my neck. The best one that I could do without having to leave the house was a hot bath with epsom salts.

I ran the bath and my husband helped bring in boiling water to keep the temperature up. My muscles were starting to relax. FINALLY! I was in the bath for over and hour just enjoying the time without strain on my sciatic. I did an intense hyaluronic acid face mask while I was in the tub to help with my skin. I also had about a gallon of water so help flush out any toxins that might be causing the inflammation in my nerves.

I eventually had to get out of the bath though… pruning was setting in.

I didn’t want to go on a walk because I was worried I would irritate my sciatic again.

Instead I decided to go to bed early and try to not think about the discomfort coming back.

I haven’t done anything so why would my sciatic be so inflamed?! Have you gone through any sort of pain or discomfort recently and you have used home remedies for it? What was it, and what did you use?

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