Day 23 – There are no rules

April 15th 2020

Woke up early and headed downstairs to try and make breakfast before my husband and the doggies got out of bed.

I always start the hashbrowns first since they take the longest – in the meantime I started the show “SEE” so that I could have material to discuss with the group on Sunday. I was about halfway down with the hashbrowns when I went into the fridge to get out the eggs and there weren’t any….

My husband wokeup and walked into the kitchen and I told him the terrible news. He told me not to fear, for he would go to the grocery store to pick up some eggs for us!


I texted him photos a few of the essential items that I needed while he was out.

When he pulled into the driveway I went out to help him with carrying in a load – he was NOT happy. I stayed inside and sanitized everything while he continued to bring in more groceries.

I finished making breakfast while he relaxed on the couch after the horrible experience at the store. He said it was overcrowded – people were not social distancing – too many families complaining about stock issues – and grouchy drama starting patrons that tried to involve other people.

I started “SEE” on AppleTV for our “Series watching Club”. It was definitely a good pick. If you haven’t heard anything about it, I highly suggest reading about it on IMDb and start binging. Jason Momoa is in it and he’s phenomenal!

I received a text from my employer saying that we might be going back to work next week – even though the governor has not lifted the “Stay at home” yet. I was confused because the reason we closed was because we were told we’re “nonessential” but in fact we are – we decorate clothing for first responders, hospitals, and grocery stores. I was eager to get back to work of course – but I was unsure of how I was feeling with 100% going back.

Time for a walk with the dogs! We went for 1hour and 16 minutes! 4 and a half miles. When we stopped at Ray’s it was BUMPIN! A lot of people were looking to day drink I guess!! Took over a half hour. DANG!!

After we arrived home and had some food – it was time for a Zoom call “LADIES NIGHT” with my twin and AKA. I thought it would be fun to have some wine and chat and catch up a little bit. Per usual my husband wanted to come on the call and chat for a little bit.

I invited the ladies to my “series watching club” and they both are in! Time to start binging 🙂

I said goodnight to the ladies and went to the living room to see what my husband was up to. He was playing GTA and I wanted to hangout with him for a bit together on the couch. I downloaded a word game on my phone and kept playing levels until 2am!!! FACE PALM!

My sleep schedule is completely WACKO! I have no idea what day or time it is anymore. I’m starting to get nervous that I’ll never get back to 100% normalcy!!

Are you staying on a sleep schedule during quarantine? Is the family keeping up with the change? Or has your house gone to chaos? What are you doing each day to try and keep yourself sane???

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