Day 24 – Dog Days

April 16th 2020

Woke up to a text from Z to call him about possibly working on Monday…. ummmm YES! I called him to talk over the game plan. It would only be 2 days and it would mainly be to get out the rest of the orders that were due mid-late March. Nothing crazy right now- and it would be a very limited amount of people that would be going back. I said I would be fine with it as long as everyone would continue to keep their distance, and wear masks, and the place would be disinfected.

I called LittleSister/coworker to discuss her and I going in together. She was all for it! We do a lot of work collaboratively on the daily so it makes the most sense for us to be on the same shift. We discussed how the day would go, what our expectations were of us, and of course where we would be buying lunch for our break.

She also asked me if I would be okay watching her doggies this coming weekend for her while she went to Missouri with her boyfriend to go pickup some bees. I was 100% down for that. Her doggies are the cutest little naughters and I love giving them scratchies and lovies. Tomorrow I would meet at her house to go over everything that was needed for the pups while she would be out.

Slayers are ON FIRE today! Many texts about workouts, accomplishments, goals, and positive encouragement. I was loving the heightened push from within and onto each other. It’s motivating when you are surrounded with people who are constantly looking to achieve more. It was definitely an inspiring day from the Slayers.

I cannot thank these ladies enough for how much they keep me sane. I would totally be losing my $%&# if I didn’t have them to keep me focused. They are such strong women and I know that this world has big things coming for all of us.

My husband and I took an earlier walk with the dogs so that I could get back in time for a Zoom call with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and soon to be additional sister-in-law. We went for an hour and 20 minutes!!

On the walk we stopped at a park so sit on the swings and enjoy ourselves for a little bit. The dogs LOVED going on the playground!! Bernie especially loved going on the swings, and down the slide.

Home JUST IN TIME for the zoom call! It was a great time to chat with my ladies – especially since my sister-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law and I had a great talk about her wedding plans! We want everything to be awesome for her and whatever she needs help with, we’re going to do it for her 100%!!!!

After a 2 hour call it was time for some dinner and hangout with my boys. We had such a long eventful day with the park and walk that everyone was tuckered out.

My husband and I decided it was time to watch the movie OUTBREAK! Definitely topical to what is happening in the world today. Drinking game instructions below!!

During OUTBREAK the adult beverages were kicking in – and we were starting to get goofy! We didn’t end up going to bed until after 2am again!!!

My husband and I have been enjoying our daily walks with the doggies together. We have some sort of a routine with meals and the walks, but otherwise we are all over the place with time.

Are you working or at home? Is your spouse/significant other working or at home? If the both of you are home are you together constantly? Do you take your alone time?

Keep this momentum going team!!!

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