Day 26 – Shirts! Shirts! Shirts!

April 18th 2020

Woke up a little late but immediately threw my shoes on, hopped in the car, and drove to Caine and Molly!

Caine was not impressed to see me – he went over to the window to see if his actual owners were home to pet him. Molly was excited though – and she did such a good job in her crate! NO ACCIDENTS!!! YAYY!!!!

We took a long walk around the yard, had some breakfast, and played together for 45 minutes. They love to play with each other too – it’s cute to see them run after each other like a little game of tag. I was amused by their sibling love.

Breakfast and a few shirts to ship out that day. I put a post on facebook about the shipment and how thankful we were for everyone’s purchases. I was getting notifications left and right about how more people could buy! We did a special with free shipping so it was en fuego! I spent over 2 hours sifting texts and calls about who wants what and where it’s going. It was uplifting to have all the love shown from our family and friends who want to help us out.

I put together a worksheet for inventory and all the purchases from who and what sizes, and who paid or not, and if the product was shipped or not. 90% of the shirts were purchased by my dad’s side of the family! WAHOO!!!

Folding for faster grabbing of sizes and inventory checks

Since the morning flew by so fast – it was time to head to the post office to send out all the packages to everyone. I shipped 13 boxes that day! Wahwah WeeWah! I couldn’t get the self checkout to work so I had to get in the line for someone to help me. The worker in the post office was so patient and kind during all of it, especially since everything had to be individually weighed and measured. Everything is being shipped and should arrive to our customers in the next couple of days. Everyone also received extra koozies and Manservant shirts!


Caine was somewhat excited to see me – but still went to the window to see if the real owners were outside or not. Molly had a few accidents in the house, but at least they were in just one area!? We went for an hour long walk together and I sent LittleSister/Coworker PLENTY of videos and photos of them being good doggies. I finally was able to get Molly to go to the bathroom after a little hint from LittleSister/Coworker on her “special poop spot”.


They were ready to go back inside and relax after our long walk!

Once home my husband and the doggies were ready for me to go on a walk with THEM now!!

Greedy little B@$t@rds!

We went for an hour and 22 minutes! Our new little tradition is to stop at the park and relax for a little bit and enjoy a beverage.

We stopped at Ray’s and grabbed a few more items for our walk. Then proceeded to get home and make some dinner.

I showered and got ready for the night since we were invited to a bonfire with some of my husband’s wrestling buddies. Coincidentally he lived only 6 minutes from the doggies so we could let the dogs out and then head over to the social distancing bonfire.

I let out Caine and Molly one last time. They both did so well on the leashes and were even good for my husband since he was there with me. We said goodbye and gave them big hugs and kisses!!

We went to the bonfire and had a great time just hanging out with everyone. It was fun to see my husband enjoying himself with his friends! We ended up staying pretty late and drank too much – so we had to stay the night!

Any social distancing activities you like to do? Or are you doing actual distancing and staying home and away from everyone? What is something new you’ve done since COVID-19? Are you getting cabin fever yet?

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