Day 27 – SEE

April 19th 2020

Slept til about NOON! What a waste of a gorgeous day.

My husband had made some breakfast for the both of us – he brought me some egg sandwiches, and all of a sudden I heard a “GODDAMMIT” in the kitchen and decided to check out what had happened…

My husband had made an entire batch of bacon and accidentally hit the plate over and it was all over the kitchen floor.

I could NOT stop laughing – I felt terrible for him – it was just a hilarious situation and how it had happened.

A portion of where the bacon fell 😦

I told him about my Zoom call later that evening about the “Series Watching Club” and he instructed me to sit my butt down on the couch and get to watching so I’d be ready to lead the discussion that night.

I watched 6+ hours of the series and during each episode continued to think of different questions to email to the group.

It was a different show than I usually watch – and it was weird to get in to at first – but I’m excited for the next season. There are just so many questions I have left unanswered! (Typical drama!!) A little topical as well since it’s about a family/village that comes out of a pandemic where everyone is blind.


Watch it – you’ll appreciate so many things about your sight.

Time for the call with the ladies – it was my twin, AKA, my sister-in-law and her roommate. We chatted for a solid hour! I love having calls with different groups of people in my life – everyone has new opinions and questions to bring to the table and it’s so intriguing to me!

I was exhausted from the lack of sleep (under 5 hours) but my mind was racing with so many different emotions. I couldn’t quite relax yet but I forced myself to lay in bed and take some breaths to ease some anxiousness.

Tomorrow I go to work for the first time in a month… what’s it going to be like? Who all will be there? Is it going to be easy to jump back into it? Will I know where to pickup where I left off? I’m supposed to be excited to go back, and I am, but I’m unsure. Everything is unknown.

Am I supposed to feel a certain type of way? How do you feel about physically going back into your work building?

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