Day 28 – First Day Back…

April 20th 2020

Happy 420 everyone! Couldn’t have picked a better day back than this.

Coffee protein shake made – random items grabbed for lunch – and ready for my first day back!!

I can’t find my keys…

Had to wake up the husband to help me find my keys – and I still have to pick up LittleSister/Coworker since we’re carpooling together!! My husband finally found my keys and I sprinted to my car to get on the road!

I picked up LittleSister/Coworker and we were off to Mid-City for some apparel check-in and order checking out.

When we arrived Z greeted us and gave us our masks to put on. We are not allowed to “clock-in/clock-out” like normal to avoid everyone touching the keyboard and mouse. We arrive at 7am and leave at 3:30pm. We were given gloves and a bottle of hand sanitizer.

We got to work right away – there were stacks of boxes waiting for us to get through. My priority was to find the items that needed to be embroidered so that I could get them in the line for Severa since her line was low.

As we were going through the piles of items strewn about – I found a frog!!! A FREAKING FROG!!!

Andrea was able to grab it and showed it to everyone working and then brought it outside to set in the wet grass. WHEW! It was a big one too.

I had the pandora blasting with our tunes and we just kept going through boxes, and orders, and different apparel all day. It was a bit awkward at first, but then we got in the groove after a solid hour. I logged into my emails and our online ordering platform and it was as if I never left.

Lunch came around and we both agreed it was a Sendiks kind of day! As usual my eyes were bigger than my stomach!!!

After lunch it was back to the grind – LittleSister/Coworker and I were determined to pack as many orders as possible for customers to either pickup curbside, or for one of the owners to drop off.

The tunes were BUMPIN and we turned on some Nicki Minaj and some Iggy. I found out that LittleSister/Coworker has a love for those women rappers like I do! It was fun to sing along to some of the raunchy lyrics together.

3:30pm – QUITTIN TIME!

I drove LittleSister/Coworker home and we both said being back was a nice change from being stuck at home for the last month.

After I dropped her off I realized I left my lunch on my desk…. ALL THAT LEFTOVER FOOD SITTING ON MY DESK!!!!

I had to go back and get it. There was no way in hell that I was going to waste all that food/money. I wasn’t happy about it and neither was my husband – but I told him it absolutely had to be done!

I headed home and when I arrived home the boys were so happy to see me! It was if I had left for days! 🙂

My husband made me throw all my clothes to the laundry and immediately take a shower. After that we went on a walk with the doggies for 43 minutes. We stopped by Ray’s for a couple of beverages along the way too. I was quite tired actually.

After the walk my husband ate some of the leftovers that I had from lunch – and I was ready to head to bed.

Falling asleep wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. My brain activity was nonstop.

I was supposed to be excited to be back at work – but was I? I still didn’t feel comfortable in the building, was it sanitized? Am I being paranoid? Was it a good day or was it not? Wearing a mask and gloves all day was okay but uncomfortable. Continuously wiping down the tables, door handles, arms of the chairs, light switches, keyboards, the bag sealer, the iPod, and all the additional communal areas.

Is this the new normal?

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