Day 29 – Second Day Back

April 21st 2020

Up and at em! Time to get LittleSister/Coworker and get our butts to work.

Driving to work I played some Iggy for us to jam out to and get us pumped to finish up the orders for the day to get out.

When we pulled in the parking lot we put our masks on and entered the building.

Spent the morning working on emails, purchasing garments, writing up orders, and checking apparel into the lineup for embroidery and screen print.

Lunch time was leftovers 🙂

After another long day wearing a mask, washing my hands between opening boxes, and isolation we packed up and left.

I dropped LittleSister/CoWorker off I went home to see the boys.

We stuffed our backpacks and headed out for our daily walk – 1hour and 24 minutes. It was nice to clear my head after another day of uncertainty.

When we arrived home I was distracted in my own thoughts.

I worked 2 days – it felt like I was in a dream – I was AT work, but only with a couple other people. Then I was doing my work, but there were no customers. I was answering emails, but only fielding questions, not taking in new orders.

Will I still have a job in a week? Will new business start to come in? All the unknown is starting to settle in my head and my anxiety is starting to rev up.

Where do I go from here? When will I work next? Nothing makes sense and I’m just going through the motions during the day, but is this going to be the new norm?

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