Day 30 – Don’t Rush – Again

April 22nd 2020

No motivation to get out of bed – it’s not even sunny outside.

I had been texting with the Slayers and came up with an idea to do the Don’t Rush Challenge but in reverse. So we’d start out with our “going out” look and then a remote would be thrown to us and we would think “nah” and get in our cozies and watch tv! HAHA!

My husband helped me film all day – and it was a really cool idea – we did a LOT of different takes. We had way too much fun with the camera and getting the moves and tosses JUST RIGHT! Let’s just say I took a remote to the face too many times!! See a few of the candids below!!

I was very motivated after the first portion of the video that I decided to work on my audition tape for the BUCKS DANCERS.

It has been a dream of mine that I have always wanted to be a dancer for the Milwaukee Bucks. I was on the PomPom team in high school, and was interested in the dance team in college, and many other forms of school spirit dancing. I love it! The energy of the girls around you, pumping up the crowd, kick lines, sassy moves, the works!

I started to work on my Audition Tape for the next couple of hours – nothing finished – but it felt liberating to be swinging my arms in formations and rhythmic patterns. I even decided on my song!

I was working so hard on my routine that I did not pay attention to where I was in relation to other stationary items in the basement… I hit my hand SO HARD on the rafters on the ceiling during one of my jumps!! I bruised my hand instantly and decided it was time to ease up for the day.

Back upstairs for some food and thirst quenching – I was starting to sweat pretty heavily after that workout!

Then some drinks and hangout time on the couch with my husband. Fell asleep together watching a movie and snuggling.

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