Day 33 – The Perfect Date

April 25th 2020

Woke up at 3:40am and could NOT get back to sleep. I was trying to relax, read, anything, but my mind was racing.

I went downstairs to make some coffee and to spend some more time writing out some of my internal frustrations. I couldn’t let go of my anxiousness.

I chatted with twin for a little bit when she got up and she gave me a little push to get a few things done on my to-do list. Mostly laundry and cleaning around the house.

Finally my husband woke up and came downstairs to tell me that he was in a “promo battle” for wrestling.

OBVIOUSLY we will be making a video today!

We had a very long nice breakfast together. Working through some schedule changes, expectations of each other, and discussing a few goals for the next couple of months.

I blogged for a couple more hours – then he told me he was ready to get to it with his video.

After a few hours, many different takes, and editing the bloopers, he was ready to post!

We had the HHH Zoom call with my dad’s side of the family and I was PUMPED for this call. I was ready to chat with the fam about all different kinds of things! Seeing my cousins from all over the place was fun too. From Maine to Oklahoma to Washington, and everywhere in between. All my cousins were wearing their Belafonte shirts too!! What a great surprise that was.

After the call my husband and I were ready for some movies and hangout time!

We cozied up on the couch together and decided to watch some Mandalorian!

We stayed up until about midnight watching the show – talking about the characters – talking about some of our future plans – and just relaxing.

My positivity has been slipping. My energy is low. I’m not excited about a lot of things lately. I don’t know what is happening to my inner self. There is a need for something more. A desire. What is it?

I was hoping to get the garden beds done – but it was raining. Even if it wasn’t raining was I still going to do it? Where is my motivation?

The slayers are doing awesome things and getting a lot done… and I’m over here making excuses.

What is and when will my tipping point be?

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