Day 34 – Prepping for Tomorrow

April 26th 2020

Woke up after 10am like a lazy sack of bones!

Called Z and we discussed the plan for going back to work tomorrow and that LittleSister/CoWorker and I would go in an hour earlier than everyone else so that we could get everything checked in for production – and make sure they had everything ready that they needed for the day.

After that I went downstairs and had breakfast with my husband and we talked about what my week was going to look like. Again it was going to be only 2 days – Monday and Wednesday/Thursday.

I also talked on the phone with my bonus father-in-law about painting the kitchen. I wanted to get ride of the white and brown – the white looked dirty and the brown was drab. He gave me a lot of great pointers on what shades to use and how to tape certain areas off and add accents!

After doing 3 loads of laundry it was already mid afternoon and we needed to get going on our walk with the doggies!

We went for an hour and 47 minutes!!! We stopped at the playground with the pups again (NO BUSH JUMPING THIS TIME) and went a little further around the park to explore some different neighborhoods that we haven’t seen before. We also took the trail through the parkway and Bernie and I climbed some of the rocks down by the river.

Both doggies did such a great job on the walk – all of us were totally wiped when we got home. I ate 3 bowls of cereal! I don’t remember the last time I had a bowl of cereal… I couldn’t help but laugh at myself for eating an entire box of cereal!!

I took a shower and tried to make a video about my nightly routine. I was not happy with it though – and decided to delete it.

I watched TommyBoy with my husband and when it was over I prepped my lunch and backpack for work the next day.

I wanted to relax and ease my mind about work. I couldn’t help being anxious lately about work. I kept thinking about not having a job in a few weeks. Is there going to be enough work for me? I’m going in an hour earlier than everyone tomorrow – I need to make sure I have everything ready. Masks, thermometer, sanitizer, and disinfectant.

The days are starting to get boring and my productivity around the house is ZILCH. I’m starting to feel useless during this entire pandemic.

How is everyone else feeling? What have you been doing to give yourself hope during all of this?

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