Day 35 – Push it real good

April 27th 2020

Awake just before 5am to get myself ready – Coffee, lunch, hat, and sneakers. Out the door to go pickup LittleSister/CoWorker.

It was very early for the both of us – definitely trying to pump each other up as much as we could!

When we got to work we immediately started getting everything ready for the production staff. Between checking in, saving logos, finding proofs, and sanitizing everything, we were able to get a good head start in the hour we were there before everyone else.

Big day for pushing out orders – we packed almost 8 webstores to make sure we could get them out to the families who have been waiting over a month for their items. It felt great to be busy, and to accomplish as much as we did in that 8 hour period.

Z mentioned that I would be continuing work tomorrow even if I was by myself with production. I said okay that was fine by me – and he said to keep working. Wait… Did he say to keep working the rest of the week? Or was he just saying to work tomorrow and then we’ll see? A little confusion there….

After I dropped of LittleSister/CoWorker I headed home and was feeling beat. I was up so early, constantly moving my body around at work, and the weather was crap outside.

When I arrived home all I wanted to do was curl up and go to bed. I was talking to my husband about that – and he suggested I give myself a little time to relax, but then we would go for a walk with the dogs together.

After a little bit of down time I forced myself out of bed and grabbed the leashes, plastic bags, and the boys.

We ended up going for over and hour long walk! It was windy and I was in the worst mood ever – but my patient husband assured me that it was okay to feel how I was feeling.

Once home I was glad that we went out – I needed to move my body around.

My husband made dinner and he even made me an omelet for work for the next day! He even put it inside a lunch box for me and labeled it for me to take in the morning.

I went upstairs to bed to check in with the Slayers and felt better talking with them.

I fell asleep to RIDICULOUSNESS – tomorrow is going to be another early day!!

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