Day 36 – Just getting through the day

April 28th 2020

Woke up at 4:50am – made my coffee – took care of the doggies – kissed my husband goodbye – grabbed my lunch – and headed to work by myself.

I arrived at work and was all alone for over an hour before anyone else came in. It was me and 2 other people there the entire day – until later in the afternoon when one of the owners came in. I had my lunch from my husband and heated up the omelet to enjoy for lunch.

During the day I found out that the screen printer was backed up on screens for decorating more orders. Since we have a limited crew he has had to clean screens, shoot screens, setup and take down on his own all day. He is okay with those things, but he doesn’t coat the screens well – and that’s where the true bottle neck was.

No one was coming in soon to help but we tried to get a hold of our regular coworker who takes care of that. I told him that if no one comes in tomorrow I can learn how to coat the screens and help him where I can.

I left at 2:30pm on the dot. Hopped in my car and drove straight home. When I got home I went upstairs, changed my clothes, got in bed, and watched TV. Perry Mason, Matlock, and RIDICULOUSNESS.

The Slayers group collaboratively decided to do daily check ins for our daily goals to keep us on track. I texted with the Slayers and twin has been CRUSHING her daily goals. I am so proud of her! I didn’t even make excuses for my daily goals not being done – I just didn’t do them. I flat out said I was being a lazy POS.

I went downstairs once for food but then went right back up and went to sleep.

I cannot shake this funk I am in. My motivation is at an all time low. There is absolutely nothing pushing me to even try to check anything off my to-do list. Where is this coming from? Where did my happy-get up- and – go personality disappear to? Typically I feel bad when I’m unproductive, but lately I have given up and just don’t care.

Tomorrow is another day back – there isn’t enough work for more people to come in – so I’ll be all alone again.

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