Day 37 – Rising Up

April 29th 2020

I woke up around 5am with a positive attitude this morning.

I grabbed my lunch that my husband made for me, protein coffee shake, my giant water bottle, and had a bit of a pep in my step.

I got in the car and decided it was a good day to do a motivational VOX to the Slayers – it helped get me ready for the day too. Keeping my chin up and a smile on my face while I drove to work.

I arrived at work and I did my daily sanitizing of the common areas and surfaces and was getting all the garments in the lineup for production to arrive in an hour.

While I was working I was jamming out to Pandora “Today’s Hits” Playlist – and I was posting to my snap story some of my favorite bops.

Today was also when I would start my drinking water daily challenge. Last time I was at the doctor they recommended that I put rubber bands around the water bottle and every time you finish one you take a rubber band off. So today is the first day and I am ready to go!!

When Texas in screen printing arrived we still didn’t have the usual guy who coats the screens… so it was time to step up.

Texas showed me what to do – and told me to practice just on one screen for now – if it worked out well I would do the rest.

I DID IT!!!!!!!!! Texas said I did the screen 100% perfectly. I was so thrilled that I had finally felt useful. I only coated 6 screens, but Texas said that it was just enough to get him through the rest of the week.

I wrapped up the day on such a high note, and I even had 2 of my water bottles throughout the day! I was feeling 100%!

When I got home I wanted to keep the momentum going so I immediately changed into my workout clothes and put on a youtube HIIT workout video.

I only went 16 minutes but I was still proud of myself for moving around. I sent the Slayers a pre and post workout selfie. I was sweating pretty good!

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