A backpack full of rocks…

Imagine wearing a backpack completely full of different kinds of rocks. A backpack that you aren’t able to take off no matter how hard you try.

You walk around with the backpack and are constantly thinking about the rocks individually. You know exactly each rock and how it ended up in your backpack.

People say things to you like “it’s easy to take the backpack off”, “Stop being so dramatic it’s just a backpack”, “You’re not the only person with a backpack, you need to get over it”, or “You need to go out and do more, you’ll feel better”.

The backpack never leaves though.

It isn’t easy to take the backpack off because the straps are locked on too tight.

It isn’t “just a backpack” it’s a backpack full of rocks.

You aren’t the only one with a backpack but this backpack is full of rocks that you can’t set down and you can’t forget about.

Going out and doing more means you bring the backpack along.

This is one of the many metaphors I use to explain to people who don’t understand the the difficulty of letting go of my anxiety and depression.

One of my goals of 2021 is to help educate others about anxiety and depression. We don’t understand what we don’t know.

For those of you with Anxiety and or Depression – I see you and you are not defined by your anxiety/depression, it is only a part of you. You are among friends here who are aware of what you are going through.

For those who do not have anxiety/depression – I am here to help you understand what others in your life are going through and how you can help them carry their backpacks.

Acknowledge the struggle others have.

The world is starting to open back up so let’s continue to open our minds and hearts to each other.

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