Day 4 – And now there are two

March 27th 2020

“Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.” ~ Dale Carnegie

Time to wake up and knock off a big task on my to-do list.


I told my husband that I would not be moving on to any other Kon Mari tasks until Boxapolyse was finished.

Recently we watched the show “Tiny Houses” on Netflix and if you haven’t seen it, watch it. It will make you want to get rid of all your unnecessary possessions. I told my husband that our new storage area is going to be a “tiny house” experiment. Before we each had about 10 boxes full of just random whateverness, and now (outside of decorations) we only get 6 boxes each. Honestly that’s still a LOT of boxes, but to try and keep our confidence in finishing the task we should have an achievable goal.

My favorite concept of Kon Mari is that the goal is to not “get rid of everything” but rather you cherish the things you want to keep. If something has a value and meaning then it is kept. If there is no feeling towards something then it is time to thank it for it’s service and let it go.

I was on a TERROR with these boxes. I had the most amount of junk out of the two of us and I knew it, and it sucked and I needed to acknowledge this fact and force myself to cherish what I had.

We both worked on boxes for over 3 hours – I was a bit more focused than my husband but he was reminiscing more than I was. I was determined to narrow my boxes down. I told my husband that we have to get rid of any of the cardboard boxes because if we had the flooding issue again we wouldn’t be able to salvage anything inside of it. Only plastic tubs from here on out.

My technique was to start going through a box full of randomness, but then when it was about 3/4 of the way gone, I would dump it into another bin. It felt better to be consolidating rather than to just be throwing junk away. This way I might look at somethings a couple of times instead of just once and making a quite decision instead of accepting or denying a feeling of it either way. I was then down to 8 plastic bins and I no longer had any other cardboard boxes. What a feat!!!

On that Friday I was able to continue combining boxes and put things in the correct space, or threw it out, or donated it. Looking at the shelves downstairs I had miscalculated my box count and told myself that with the new approach I had of the boxes I would be able to narrow it down to 4 boxes.

At the end of the day I ended up with 1 and half boxes. YEAH!!!!!!

I had found so many items that belonged in the garage, or in the filing cabinet, or the hallway storage, or things that I had held on to that didn’t have any sort of explanation as to why I had. It felt amazing that I had gone from a feeling of being overwhelmed with junk to one box of “things” and a half a box of beanie babies.

My husband decided to do something more positive with his cherished toys instead of throwing them in a box for donation. He wiped down all his toys and put them in plastic drawers outside with a sign saying “FREE! HELP YOURSELF!” and then posted about it on our neighborhood FaceBook page. We witnessed a few walkers and bikers stop and take a few things, and it felt awesome to bring smiles to the faces of the people who took an item or two. I also put out some plastic baggies for walkers who also had dogs with them that might need another pooper scooper.

It was a long and exhausting day mentally and physically that I had to stand up and get out of the house. Time for the daily dog walk!

My husband and I were ready for another hour long stroll together and we couldn’t wait to see what was outside today!

We were on our square walk and were about to turn at the halfway mark and wanted to walk along North Ave by the restaurants and bars to see what all was happening that late afternoon/early evening.

We came up closer to a restaurant where people were waiting for pick up outside and saw that the bartender next door was bringing beers out for the people waiting! My husband and I asked her how much a “to go” beer would be and she said “nothing! We have to clear the lines since we’re shutdown and the beer will just be dumped.” We were ALL IN! We stood outside and chugged our free beer and chatted with the 2 bartenders for a little bit (while standing 6 ft away of course).

We were finished with our drinks when they asked if we would like anymore which we respectfully accepted. They filled up our water jugs we had for our walk with a nice lager and an IPA.

We stopped at Ray’s Liquor for a few items that we needed and they were excited to pet the pups! They also brought out some treats for them for being such good boys.

Once we made it back home we were feeling good and wanted to burn the tower of papers we had set aside from boxapolyse. Enjoying the nice night we had a great fire, and our neighbors were outside for a little bit too with their dog next door!

What have you been during this quarantine that you are proud of? Has it been exercising more? Taking time to relax outdoors? Organizing that dreadful closet? Are you calling friends/family and reaching out to see how others are doing during this difficult time? What has the quarantine forced you to do that you are grateful for? Who have you become closer with if you hadn’t had the time to call or text them?