Fierce 5

I chose 5 females in my life that are going to be with my on my journey (mostly) to keep me accountable, but also when I’m struggling in a certain category she will help me lean so I can bring myself back up straight.

All of them know my history with running, and what this means to me all the way to my core.

For the time being I’m going to use nicknames 
MomE – Sissy – First Roomie – DeSheller Manager – Twin


Obviously she knows the ins and outs all about what running means and has meant to me throughout my life. She is to make sure that I don’t allow fear to stop my training. Running is fun – I beat the boys remember? Run, skip, frolic, skate, twirl, dance. Take my passion and enjoy it.


She has “fueled” me so much throughout my life. One of my biggest cheerleaders and definitely a top idol for my own life. I wish I had the patience to wait for my food to cook. My sister is seriously such an amazing cook, and I always love the meals she makes. Full of flavor and satisfaction. She knows I have to plan out what I eat so that I can turn it into energy. She’s going to help me focus on eating actual meals instead of a bag of chips and a handful of gummy bears.

First Roomie

Find Time
College random roommate. My first roommate outside of family. We were best friends from day 1. Before we met face to face I messaged her and asked who would be bringing what for our dorm room, as well as telling her a little bit about myself. I decided it would be a good idea to tell her that sometimes I need to be locked out of our dorm room with just my shoes and go for a run. I think she immediately thought I was unbelievably weird, and how on Earth is she going to room with someone who divulged such awkward information via message? She knows I need to find the time to train, and not just for a race, but for my mental, and physical health. She has been and always will be my rock.

DeSheller Manager

Focus on all Accomplishments
This woman probably has no idea how much she has meant to me over the last 12 years. She has seen ALL the “dark and twisty” parts of my 20’s. (KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!) She also has seen what I have overcome and knows to celebrate every step of that win. If I run when I’m tired – that’s a win. If I choose an apple over candy – that’s a win. If I decide to get up earlier to get my workout in – that’s a win. Small, large, minor, whatever – focus on what I’ve done instead of what I haven’t.


Forgive and Forge on
I don’t think my husband has ever been concerned I would leave him for a man – but for this woman. She sincerely is my little sister and I cannot wrap my head around life before her. She also stayed with my husband and me for 3 years in our house and knows quite a bit about how I live… She’s my reminder that even though I’ll slip up on my journey, I cannot dwell. I must focus forward. She’s such a beautiful soul, and I love all the personal growth and development she’s done in her life. I also love how much she has taught me about wanting more, and going after it.