Day 18 – #DontRush

April 10th 2020

As the day started my husband had reminded me of the request from a couple of days ago to help him make his video for wrestling associated with the #dontrush phenomenon.

I’M IN!!!

I LOVE making videos. I took a directing class in High School – at the time I thought I loved acting – but in reality, I LOVE directing/producing. The gratification I feel to bring the story together, find the right props, rearranged sentences with better verbiage, position people or things in a better light, doing multiple takes, editing the video, and to watch the final production.

Our entire day revolved around making this video. It wasn’t just 1 part of a video but it was 4 different parts. It also had transitions in the video that needed to be timed just right so that the next shot looked instant. The infatuation with this video was consuming. I needed this video to be the best. My husband also wanted it to be that way. We agreed that it didn’t matter how many takes we had to do – each section of the video needed to be 100.

I’m not saying it was easy – because my husband and I fought often over which part of the short videos we took were good or bad, what could be done better, how should this frame appear? It was endless back and forth. We were arguing, but only because both of us wanted this video to be superior to the other ones.

His wrestling crew was giving him a hard time making comments on how long it was taking for him to film a short 16 second video. HA! Jokes on them… ours turned out to be SUPREME! Everyone else in the video you could tell didn’t put enough time in the transitions or the story. We finally sent them the video when we were good and ready!!

One of my husband’s wrestling friends said “worth the wait”!!

Below is a link to the video on facebook – but also another video for TikTok for our portion of the video.


My portion of the Dont Rush Challenge. Full one to come!

♬ Super Smash Bros Melee Remix (#chooseyourcharacter) – Jim Walter

After the videos it was time to enjoy a few drinks and relax!! We ate dinner, turned on the tv for some movies, and kept laughing at the video and continuously replaying it over and over and over….

As we were on the couch I received a message from my coworker/little sister that she was in need of a friend. 100% hands down no questions asked I told her to come over to my house. I told her that it’s okay and she will always have a safe haven in my home. She came over for a little bit and as we sat in the kitchen talking, I could tell she was starting to feel a little bit better. It’s important to sometimes put other’s needs before our own. It’s not always easy or comfortable, but it might just make a huge difference to someone, if you just listen.

What sort of inner creativeness is coming out of you during quarantine? Have you sparked up an interest you always enjoyed but it fell to the wayside? What are you going to do with it?

Day 17 – Cleaning our Taxes

April 9th 2020

Woke up with the urge to deep clean every room in the house.

I asked my husband if he would be willing to help me with the bathroom and the living room. He said “No problem!” – but there is a problem… his definition of clean the bathroom and my definition are very different. His “cleaning” consists of: he wipes off the counter and swishes the cleaner around the toilet. I asked him if he would be willing to clean the bathroom the way I usually clean it. He said he’d definitely give it a try.

Bathroom includes- toilet (bowl, lid, sides, top), sink, counter, floor, shower, mirror, lights, faucets, garbage can, towels, curtain, and window.

He went straight to work and warned me that it might not be as high quality as when I clean it, but he would “clean” all those things.

While he was assessing his first move, I went into the office to start the dreaded taxes. I know that with the pandemic everything was pushed back, but ALSO with the pandemic we’re tight on money and could really use the help with the bills.

After a couple of hours of sifting through papers, calculating expenses, trying to remember passwords to accounts barely used, twisting my husbands arm to get me his information, 4 cups of coffee, and too many phone calls to customer service; the taxes still weren’t done.

I needed to step away!

I checked to see how my husband was doing with the cleaning of the bathroom. His exact words were “I am never doing this ever again. I will do any other chore you prefer before I have to do this again. I will hire a cleaning lady, or Taren to do this. I am never doing this again.”

HAHAHAA!!! See?! Cleaning the bathroom is NOT that easy!!!

I told him I’m glad he now appreciates how hard I work to make sure that our bathroom is continuously sparkly!

He had to get ready to head over to a friends house to do an Instagram live video for wrestling fans. I made us some dinner and he headed out.

Time for painting with friends!!! I also found a wine glass that holds an entire bottle of wine so I decided to try that bad boy out on the call.

After painting with friends I chatted with Heather for a bit after the call and decided to try coloring.

As a person who has friends and families that know of my anxiety they feel the need to give me things they have read “work well for people with anxiety.” My loving sister decided to give me a Harry Potter adult coloring book.

Now, I know what works well for me and what doesn’t work well for me. This beautiful present was not a relaxing thing… this thing created more anxiety for me. I would look at it and start breathing heavy because all the intricate details need to be colored.

Whelp!!! I have also been reading a book that helps you work through a few different exercises with worrying and anxiety and one of them is to face the things that give you anxiety. For instance this coloring book. It’s time to face my fears and to attack the coloring book. It’s going to be okay if I don’t fil in each of the items or have the correct colors – isn’t that what coloring is supposed to be? You’re own interpretation of the colors of the scene?

Below is the progression so far of my coloring…..

After the call with Heather I continued to color but encouraged myself to enjoy it, instead of “forcing” myself to color.

I stayed up pretty late doing different snapchat videos and sending them out – my friend Annie told me to make my vidoes into TikToks? I had no idea my videos were that funny… but hey… what the hell! I told her I made it into a TikTok and she was excited to see how many views I got!!

My husband finally arrived home and he hung out on the bed in the office while I continued to color.

We finally drifted to sleep together while the music played in the background.

TikTok? What am I getting myself into?! Slowly becoming obsessed with the dumb videos!!!! Have you made any TikToks? Are you going to? What are you searching in the latest trends right now??

Day 16 – Laundry & L.I.B.

April 8th 2020

Whenever I make meals and dirty up the pans and dishes and silverware, it’s 9 times out of 10 that my husband does the dishes. When I make a mess with the items that need to be cleaned, he always asks “Are you going to be dirtying up any dishes?” and my response is always “Are you going to be dirtying up any clothes?”

I do the laundry and I love it. It honestly relaxes me to get this chore done, and I get to watch shows or play my own music in the background – and all the apparel is put away neatly and organized.

My husband showed me a video with a new trend #dontrush. I looked it up and apparently it was started from a group of girls that are “caught” in their lounge wear but a makeup brush is thrown to them, the cover the camera, and instantly they are transformed into going out ready. It was impressive! My husband asked me to help him with a video with him doing something similar with his wrestling guys where they are caught outside of the ring and after the camera is covered he is in his wrestling gear. Well…. I love making funny videos and I told him I would be all in.

Below is my favorite article regarding the beginning of #dontrush

The entire day all I did was laundry and had on LoveIsBlind in the background. My husband came upstairs and watched the show with me – it took the entire day to finish the show because we kept pausing the show to have discussions about it. We also asked each other questions about our personal behaviors because we kept seeing how the couples were interacting with each other, and we were questioning the way we treat each other. We went into a deep conversation about how we notice that we hurt each other sometimes and it’s never on purpose, we know we’re going to do it again, and it’s never malicious.

I have a nasty way with words sometimes. If a person pushes me too far, I will use my deepest, meanest, thoughts and say them to people to intentionally hurt them.

Wow. I am a total B*%&$.

I have been trying so hard lately to hold back how I express my anger, or frustration with someone. I know that it’s not fair to attack them that way.

Is there something about yourself that you are working on? Have you started to work on it because you noticed it, or because others told you?

Day 15 – Love Is Blind

April 7th 2020

Woke up to a pile of dishes and a show suggestion from my Sunday Zoom Call – LOVE IS BLIND.

One thing about me is that I am fully intrigued by social experiments and psychological observation. I took AP Psychology in high school and decided I wanted to go into Psychology as my major in College. (I switched directions, but still took many classes). I love Freud and Pavlov and Jung, and all the other path creators in the psychology world. My passion for the brain and how it functions and emotions and intentions and actions are always being studied during my daily life.

I immediately loved the show. My favorite were Cameron and Lauren. Their connection was natural and neither of them asked about what the other looked like – it was strictly learning about who the person is, what they like, what they want in life, goals, future family, etc.

I was able to hook my husband into watching a couple of episodes with me. It was refreshing to watch the show with him because we would stop the show, talk about the couples, and discuss the experiment, and how we felt about what was going on. We laughed about some of the personalities on the show, and who was engaged, and if they were going to make it, and if the connection was real.

After a couple of episodes it was time to take the dogs on a serious walk. We walked for over an hour and 20 minutes – it was our longest walk yet! Took a different route, but still came back on North Ave so we could stop at Ray’s for a few beverages.

It was a long and warm walk so we brought out the kiddie pool for the pups! Below is Sluggo enjoying standing in the pool. Even without water!

We continued to relax outside with the dogs, and decided to play “Heads Up” again with each other. We played for over a half an hour and could not stop laughing at each other’s descriptions of the answer to be guessed.

After we went inside and had some dinner – I saw that my cousin had posted a request on Facebook to Family and Friends to help with her daughter’s 6th birthday party! Since we’re in quarantine she wasn’t able to have her party that was planned. Her daughter loves watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and did a tutorial herself. She asked for family and friends to do her tutorial and then post back what the finished project looked like. I was instantly interested in watching her video and then following her instructions, and obviously it would be on my husband!! He was such a great sport about it, and even let me put fake eyelashes on him.

Have you ever done a makeup tutorial? Did you like how it turned out? Would you do a makeup tutorial that was done by a 6 year old?

A memory below from a couple years ago during this time…

Day 14 – Happy Booday (Birthday) Twin!

April 6th 2020

Woke up on this day with the hope that the 4th found bunny would be able to get help from it’s mother. Turns out, it died in the night. My husband buried him in the front garden bed that I had fixed up a couple of days ago. I was so sad.

My husband suggested we call my twin for her birthday via facetime and remind her that today is the best day ever, since it was the day she was born. We called her up, chatted for about a half an hour, then decided – let’s go social distance with her for her booday!

We packed up the dogs, a cooler of drinks, hand sanitizer, and a jug of clorox wipes. We arrived at her house and hungout in the backyard where we didn’t need to get too close! We decided to play the Ellen game – “Heads Up” and really got into it!

My husband kept bugging us about a promo video he needed to do for his wrestling gig, so my twin and I decided – we needed to really go all out for it. Video below!!

We said our goodbyes and headed home – on our way we decided to stop for some Tbell! It was fantastic.

My twin… below is my best attempt at expressing how much I love you for your birthday present!

When we first met each other, it was simply an acquaintance – no urge to further get to know each other. Years later our paths crossed again, but this time it was instant lifelong friendship. More than friendship, it was sisterhood. You lived with my husband and I for many years with Kota and when you told us you were moving out, I was deeply emotional for 2 main reasons. 1) I didn’t want you to leave me, 2) I was thrilled you were going out on your own.

Your soul is ambitious and pure – constantly wanting to make a difference in the world. I admire that about you the most. Your heart is kind and full – everyday looking to help your friends and family, and always trying to cheer them up, or make them smile. Your personality is charismatic and strong – I can’t name a time when we didn’t have fun, or weren’t laughing, or trying to be silly together. You are fierce and you persevere and want others to go forward with you.

It’s hard to imagine you not in my life but this is what I came to think it would be like;

My life would be unfulfilled.

I never would have experienced Paris the way you encouraged us to. I never would have had gone out on the lake in the summers on the paddle boat and laughed and cried and released so many terrible memories I was holding on to. I never would have played kickball and learned so much about the rules of the game, or won 2 championships, or would have had to google how to treat gouge wounds and have bought a gallon of peroxide. I never would have gone to SummerFest so many nights and danced, and drank, and sang at the top of my lungs and not have a voice the next day. I never would have cleaned out the spare bedroom or the basement. I never would have made it through planning my wedding, and my wedding day. I never would have pushed myself to be a strong big sister who would kick anyone’s ass who would mess with another person. I never would have had the most epic Halloween Party with food, drinks, games, contests, prizes, and vivid memories. I never would have been so confident in myself as a woman and encourage women to boost themselves and share ourselves with each other.

The list is certainly endless of the things you’ve done for me in my life by making me feel fulfilled. You are the best-est best friend I could ever have.

Happy Booday!!!

Day 13 – Trauma while Gardening

April 5th 2020

I woke up and had a Zoom call with a few of my beautiful family members on my mom’s side. There were kids, and babies on the call as well and it was nice to see the faces of some of the most important women in my life. We exchanged quarantine stories, and shared what books we’re all currently reading, and even suggested binge-worthy shows to keep the time going.

I didn’t have champagne, but my husband made me a beer-mosa and a giant breakfast with eggs and hash browns, and then even brought it to me while I was on my call!

It was a glorious sunny day waiting for me to put on my gloves and take on that front garden bed.

After breakfast I was eager to get started. I went to the garage and gathered all my tools and had my earbuds in to block out distractions. I started the same way I did the other bed, and was raking all the random items into a corner. Then I took down the brick wall but this time the bottom layer was embedded in the ground. I would need either some different tools, or another person who might have just a bit more strength than I do.

As I was raking I remembered that their was really great soil in the backyard in some of the garden beds I had allowed to overflow with grass and other compost dumpings. I knew that if I were to get the grass and compost tilled I would have luscious soil for new flowers in the front.

The neighbors were out on both sides and were doing their own yard work while the sun was still beaming full blast. I waived since I had my headphones in but went straight to work on digging up my treasured dirt. I was going pretty hard for a solid 10 minutes that my FitBit tracked a sporting activity workout!

I was tilling so hard when I thought I heard something so I stopped. I looked around but didn’t see anything so I went back at it and tilled harder. The next thing that happened I don’t know if I’ll ever recover from…

I heard the tiniest, high pitched screams over my audio book. I instantly dropped my gardening tool and looked at the ground. There was a baby bunny that I had pierced through his belly with the spear of the garden till, and another baby bunny whose little behind I had scrapped as well.

I went into shock. I didn’t know what to do. My neighbor looked at me and told me it was going to be okay and it happens to a lot of people because rabbits dig into the ground and nest in places where they aren’t seen.

I went inside and grabbed my husband to help me since I was so terrified I had killed the bunnies. He wasn’t sure what to do because I was just screaming constantly about bunnies and he had to come outside right away but leave the dogs inside.

He helped me assess the damage to each bunny, and one of them was not good. He helped me look around the garden because I told him I had seen more bunnies run away, but we only found 1 more. Luckily he was unharmed. My husband told me to just leave them be and the mom would be back tonight, but that is not who I am. I had to do something to help the little critters survive.

My neighbor kept calling different humane societies and wildlife services but wasn’t able to get in contact with anyone, but she did text me the link to call when I had time.

I went inside and made a bowl of soapy water, grabbed some medical tape, and gloves, and went to wash the bunnies. I took each one in my hand and lightly suds their little bodies and cleaning off any blood and dirt in their fur. Then I wrapped up one of the bunnies in medical tape to help with the severity of his gouge. I put them back in their little nest and put a little wooden house over them to keep them from trying to jump around, and then left them to go sit on the front porch.

I cried so hard. I couldn’t stop crying. How had I done such a thing? I am a crazy animal lover, and deep advocate for natural wildlife and preserving it. How could this have happened? I should have noticed the rabbit fur in the garden bed, I should have assessed the area before tilling, I should have not gone so gun-ho on getting the fresh soil underneath.

I called the Humane Society and as the tears continued to roll down my cheeks, I told myself I wouldn’t hangup until I was able to talk to a person, or leave a desperate voicemail. I was on the phone listening to multiple prompts for about 15 minutes. I finally was able to leave a message. I hung up the phone and sat on the front stoop and continued to cry. I eventually went in the house, and was greeted by my husband, who then hugged me and allowed me to sob in his arms on dampen his shirt with my tears.

The humane society had called back and asked different questions about the damages, and how many bunnies, and if this was the first occurrence, etc. The request was that I put the bunnies in a cardboard box with holes, and bring them to the humane society. I would arrive at the door, ring the bell, and then leave the box to make sure there was no human contact.

I immediately grabbed a cardboard box, put a nice little cushion in the bottom, bunched up my Planned Parenthood bandana, and nestled the bunnies in the box together. I kissed my husband goodbye as I headed out to the humane society on my own.

I cried the entire way there. I was sad to let them go. I wanted to know if they were going to make it or not. I wrote a note on top of the box and asked them to call me for updates on the bunnies. I arrived at the Humane Society and said my goodbyes to Roscoe, Rocky, and Redneck. (all R’s for Rabbits). I put a $10 in the box, and rang the bell. The woman was so thoughtful and very soothing in assuring me that they’d give the best care to the bunnies. She also said she’d make a note to call me for any updates once they had a definite answer on what will happen next.

I sat in my car and cried. I knew there was only 1 person in the entire world who would help me feel better about this.

My twin.

I drove to her house (I tried calling her, but no answer) and I figured if she was home I would be able to cry (6 ft away) and she would help relieve my sadness, or if she wasn’t home I would sit in her driveway crying until she did arrive home.

When I pulled in the driveway my twin and her boyfriend (and his parents) were all outside having a beer! YAY! I got up to the gate and told her what happened and I just broke down. I told her that I couldn’t believe that all went down, and I’m a terrible person for not paying attention, and I’m going to donate all my money to the humane society to help all the wildlife.

My twin was so sweet – she continued to console me, and remind me that I wouldn’t have known, and that it happens all too often with bunnies because they dig in gardens, or even lawns and often times get run over by mowers. She truly eased my heart of the heaviness and told me she wished she could give me a hug and reminded me that I am a true animal lover, and just because an unfortunate situation happened that was a complete accident, doesn’t change that about me.

I wiped away yet some more tears as I said my goodbyes and went back to my car to go home. I texted my husband and told him where I was, and if he could make me a bloody for when I arrived home. He said he would be more than happy to do that for me.

When I got home my amazing husband had a bloody mary waiting for me – and he even put bacon in it! We went outside and played catch phrase with each other while sipping our beverages. We got a little rowdy at times! Then we decided to do a social distancing round with our neighbors. Girls versus guys of course!

We played a solid hour and did a best 2 out of 3. During the game I went to check on the bunny area and noticed another little bunny was laying in the nest. I took the advice of the humane society and took 2 crossing sticks and placed them over the hole to see if the mother would visit during the night.

After a fun night of cheering me up, we went inside to relax and have some dinner before turning in to bed.

Have you ever been in a situation that was a complete accident but you felt terrible for it happening at all and took blame on yourself? Do you have a person in your life that you can 100% depend on? Where are all the other bunnies!?

Day 12 – Sorting and Sending

April 4th

Another morning with sunshine peaking in and out of the clouds but a lot to do in 1 day!

We had been putting the drawers full of toys outside on the sidewalk here and there, so I told my husband that today would be the last day for the toys outside, and then they are getting packed up to send to St. Vinny’s when they accept donations again. So we put everything outside for one last hurrah!

My husband had a couple more boxes in the living room, and since he had a couple of boxes started in the basement already, I told him to combine everything downstairs so that the living room could go back to being a place of relaxing and no more boxes were allowed in there.

It was time to venture out. We no longer had food to make meals – only chips and candy were left. It’s time. My husband said he just wanted eggs and bread and milk – I said if we’re going out, we are not going back for a while – so now is the time to stock up on anything that looks necessary.

We arrived at aldi in our bandana masks and gloves, and grabbed our bags and hand sanitizer. When we approached the cart area the workers were wiping everything down and told us that carts were of no charge since they didn’t want coins being passed between patrons. Walking inside on the ground were markings of where 6ft apart from each other were. People weren’t being limited to entering so it was a bit cramped for trying to stay 6ft.

$177 later and multiple hand wipes – we were able to pack up the car and get home!

I had my husband bring in the groceries while I sprayed and wiped down anything that came from the outside world. I washed my hands over and over again!!! But damn it felt good to have the fridge and cabinets stocked with actual food and ingredients to make full meals.

All of the blankets, towels, sheets, pillowcases, and napkins had been washed but were in a pile on top of the guest bed – it was time to tackle that project! Bernie was also eager for me to finish this project so he could have a place to relax without being yelled at to get off the clean laundry!

I was able to divide up the items that were for bedding and the others were just towels or bathroom accessories. Since I had funneled all my belongings into a couple of bins I had plenty to spare to use for the matching sets to be organized.

After a while of sorting and finding even more clean laundry downstairs, I was finally able to start putting the items away. I was folding a blanket when I saw out the window someone looking at the drawers of toys we had in front of our house. I told my husband he was grabbing all the wrestling items, and we were so happy that this man had taken a liking to the wrestling rings and entrances! When I came back to see what else he might be grabbing I saw him pickup the entire drawer compartment and take everything to his truck!

Knowing that my husband had sorted through a few more bins and had many more back in the alley I ran outside to tell the man! He said thank you and that his grandkids will love the toys to play with when they come visit him. I told him to go back into the alley because we had a lot of different items he might be interested in.


There were ethernet cables, a wireless mouse, a radio, and many other electronics that he said he would be able to fix up no problem! He asked me about a fishing game that was there and that he couldn’t wait to replace the batteries and to play the game himself. I was so happy that he was able to take our items and repair them and put them to good use. Everyone won that day! Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure!!!

After a long day of sorting through boxes and sending items on their merry way, it was time for some painting with friends!

Twin joined us on our call! It was so fun to talk for over an hour with friends while having some wine, and very calmly coloring and sketching. My sister jumped on the call later, but wasn’t painting, mostly just chatting with all of us and telling us fun stories about my niece and how she is doing with everything. After everyone was ready to wrap up and leave, twin and I decided to stay on the call a little longer so that we could have a little bit longer facetime together. We stayed on pretty late too!

Who are we without expression? Are you feeling like you’re able to still be yourself during this difficult time? What type of activities are you pushing yourself to do to make sure you don’t lose yourself in quarantine?

Day 11 – All American

April 3rd 2020

I woke up with a fierce energy to work on the other gardening bed in front of the house. I made a large breakfast and wanted to finish up the dishes that were lingering on the counter, and the mess of papers and junk on the table.

My husband came downstairs as I was washing dishes and saw I had started a new show on Netflix called “ALL AMERICAN”.

If you have not seen or heard of this show, it is High School Sports and Drama TO A T!!!! I love watching the football practices and games part of the show and then learning about the characters off the field. I highly recommend the show to anyone who loves a cheesy drama but also who is missing live action sports!! 🙂

A strong wind had picked up by the time I was finished with the dishes, so my outside work would be put on hold for today and would have to commence tomorrow.

Instead my husband and I spent the day inside each on our laptops with ALL AMERICAN on in the background.

We recently found out that my husbands brother had proposed to his now fiance and we were so thrilled for the both of them. I had offered my services wherever the bride would need, and I had recommended they create a wedding website. They told me they weren’t sure on where to start with it, so I suggested I would start it for them, and if they liked it, they can keep it, or if not, then they can delete the site.

I worked on a majority of the site during the day, but haven’t finished it yet. I don’t want to reveal anything to them until I’m 100% satisfied with my work.

The sun started coming out again and we both wanted to enjoy the nice weather while it lasted. My husband went to the pet store for dog food, and the liquor store for a couple of drinks for us to enjoy outside by the fire.

While he was gone I posted up on the hammock and chatted with my neighbors on both sides of the fences but also relaxing and tending to the fire. My neighbor asked if I liked Crispin and I said I’ve had it before and I’m a fan. He then handed me two 6packs of Crispin one for me and one for my neighbor on the other side of my house. Then gave us each 2 packs of alcoholic seltzers to try!!

He explained that his buddy works for a distributor and they can’t bring the expired beverages to buyers and he had an entire trunk full of cases of beer, ciders, seltzers, that would have had to be thrown away. We gladly took the free booze!

When my husband had arrived home, I told him about our neighbors friend, and he put the alcohol in the fridge and we just enjoyed some ciders outside next to the bonfire until the trickles of rain came down to send us inside.


After dinner we had a Zoom call with friends to play JackBox! It was a wonderful time and we played multiple rounds of different games.

I slowly fell asleep while playing though…. whoops!

Are you able to support others at a distance during this time? All the weddings, graduations, birthday parties, etc. that are cancelled are you able to send joy to those who are unable to host their events?

Day 10 – Sunshine, Yardwork, 6ft.

April 2nd 2020

There are days when you wake up and the last thing you want to do is take care of yardwork. For me that had been the last 5 years since my husband and I have moved in. Today, however; is going to be when I finally take a shovel and rake and my fully capable hands and take care of that mess!

It is absolutely GORGEOUS outside! I decided it was time for shorts and a tank top, and tossed a hat on my head. I had a bountiful breakfast (gotta carb load ya know?) and put in my earbuds for some more Sherlock Holmes stories.

I grew up in a house that during summertime EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY we had outside chores – no questions asked, and now I own my house and have beautiful front garden beds that I have never ever done anything with. (Mom I’m so sorry!!!)

The garden tools that I have are in awesome condition (which naturally since I’ve never used them to their full potential) and I grab them all out of the garage, along with a huge yellow bucket and go to the front of the house to assess what my first move is. Honestly, it was so trashed I just started raking and I didn’t know if they were weeds, or compost, or wood chips, or garbage.

I then noticed that the brick wall surrounding the garden was falling over and it was looking kind of jank, so I diverted my attention towards that and decided raking would have to wait. The bricks were stacked in 3 layers. They were so deep in the ground that I had to thrust the shovel deep into the soil around them to try to make room to wiggle them up and out of the ground.

I then made a little trench in the dirt next to the sidewalk where I would be able to evenly position the first foundation of bricks next to each other. The final stacking of layers didn’t take long, but I could tell I was starting to fight a little muscle fatigue since I was at the 4 hour mark of constant moving and lifting.

As soon as the brick border was back in place I was able to finish raking out the remaining items that were abandoned. I found the tulips that were beneath all the leaves and weeds and arranged the bulbs in a line towards the front of the garden.

I needed a shower and I needed it now. I took off my shoes and went straight to the bathroom where I stripped down and hopped in the steamy water. After I was clothed again, my husband and I decided it was time to go for a walk!

We took the dogs with us, but I told him I wasn’t up for an hour long walk. I had hit the exhaustion wall! We went down to Ray’s and bought a variety of beverages and headed back home to start our bonfire.

The fire was slowly going, and the neighbors on both sides were out with their dogs too. My twin came by to hangout for a pre “booday” social distancing party. She brought her own disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer, and we wiped down all the bottles prior to handing them over to her. We all were able to catch up and enjoy the fire 6ft away from each other.

It started to get dark and my twin and I stayed out by the fire laughing and going back and forth with stories of what we’ve been up to since quarantine life. She then proceeded to tell me about her issues with AT&T. I told her that I never had problems with them before and was concerned since they were acting like total jerks towards her! I immediately put my older sister pants on and had her call them from her phone to figure out exactly what was going on.

Long story short we were on hold for over an hour and nothing was resolved, but at least we were able to spend more time together!

Are you staying 6ft away from everyone? Do you know someone who is supposed to have an event happening during quarantine but it was cancelled? How is everyone feeling right now with not being able to hug your loved ones?

Day 9 – April Fools!

April 1st 2020


Nope…. it’s not a joke. I’m still in quarantine.

We’ve gotten down to the reserve food, so for breakfast I had eggs, with brown rice. Not bad! It’s not exactly what I wanted, but I’m glad that we still don’t need to go to the grocery store.

I had a phone call that morning for a potential change in my life, and it went very well. I felt good after the discussion and was debating if this opportunity was something I would like to pursue, or maybe hold of for now.

I walked into the living room, and curled up on the couch next to my husband and we were in a (healthy) debate of what our next steps as a family should be. It’s been a difficult time during all of this, and our future may need some adjusting if we want to achieve a few of each of our personal goals.

I spent most of the day in my room researching and writing to clear more of the jumbled thoughts in my head. I couldn’t sort out a few of the different ideas, thoughts, or choices I was facing. It was as though I couldn’t continue my day until I had it all settled, but in reality there were a LOT of things in motion that I had no control over.

What really were my next steps? What did I truly want for my next personal goals? What kind of person did I want to mold into? Am I okay with changing paths?

After a long day of what seemed like only an hour, I emerged from my room to find my husband to go on our daily walk with the dogs. As we walked we took in the sunshine, and fresh air. We had been cooped up all day, and apart, so the walk together was uniting.

When we arrived back home, we made our soup and rice dinner (not very tasteful, very bland, and way too salty.) After that it was time to have a “house party” call with the Slayers!!!

Once we all were on the call we were talking about how all of our hair was just a total mess, but we didn’t care since all of us were experiencing it. We played some of the games that you can play with each other, and told a few stories of our experiences with quarantine in our households. We had a few cameos from dogs, and husbands, and kids. My husband came into the video with a headband on, and then all of us put headbands on to match each other! Then us ladies decided to all put robes on and lounge together via video chat.

After the call I played a few games on my phone and took some silly videos of my husband being a goofball!

It’s been over a week in quarantine and for whatever reason it still hasn’t hit me that this all is happening in the world. Are glass barriers the new norm? Are video calls the only way we’ll see each other anymore? Are hugs obsolete? Am I overthinking or under thinking it all? What other personal chores do I want to accomplish before I go back to work? Am I going back to work? Will my husband and I financially survive this?