Workout Journal

May 18th
0 minutes
6k total steps
Took 2 naps. Wrote for 5+ hours and started blog for progress updates to my fierce 5.
Not much progress….

May 17th
0 minutes
11k total steps

May 16th
0 minutes
9.5k total steps

May 15th
0 minutes
Bucks Playoff Game
Game 1 – WIN
10.7k total steps

May 14th
Bernie only went 10 minutes – Sluggo kept pushing me
14k total steps

May 13th
40:15 minutes
4.59 mi
^Felt tired but took the dogs and they kept me focused on the final stretch of running
15k total steps

May 12th
9 holes of golf
77 total minutes of run/walk to ball
9k total steps

May 11th
56 minutes of constant walking at dog park
38 minutes of walking with both dogs
Definitely need to stretch more – before and after
16.7k total steps

May 10th
0 minutes
11.6k total steps
Went to bed very early

May 9th
75 minutes of constant walking at work in production. New shoes feeling good too.
14k total steps

May 8th
0 minutes
7k total steps
Bucks Playoff game with husband at home on the couch.

May 7th
0 minutes
5k total steps
Upsetting day for both husband and me.
Salad – but then culver’s cheese curds and custard

May 6th
40:40 minutes
10:12 pace
^NOT OKAY! Feeling extremely tired and sluggish. Dogs came with. Kept me moving.
15k total steps

May 5th
Went golfing with MomE and dad. 3 hours of movement on and off.
17.6k total steps
Took a cart but walked/ran a lot to the ball.
Sirloin burgers and salad for dinner. So delicious.

May 4th
79 minutes at the dog park
30k total steps
Cleaned the entire house – so much walking and stretching. Felt good to clean up.
Also mowed the lawn. Shoulder workout since I used the neighbors non motorized push mower…

May 3rd
Was off of work
10k total steps
Decided to go to the dog park with Sluggo.
52 consistent minutes of walking!
Reminder to keep myself moving – even if it isn’t running it’s better to keep active than nothing at all

May 2nd
0 minutes
14k total steps
1/2 day at work – but I made it worth it – I was in production for a majority of the time – made sure I got my heart pumping
P!NK Concert
Went with 2 of my girls to MAC at the mall and had our eyes done for the concert.
– So much dancing and singing! What a treat.

May 1st
0 minutes
11k total steps
Needed MomE today – fear to fun. Reminder to get my shoes on.
Decided that I can’t push too much too soon – gotta just get out of the house and do some sort of active workout, no matter how long or intense.

April 30th
15 minutes HIIT workout.
11k total steps
Moving around the body/joints.
Tired. Very Tired.

April 29th
35:06 minutes
3.70 miles
9:29 pace
18k total steps
Brought the dogs along.
Went to the store and bought 3 pairs of shoes on clearance. Yup. That’s right. 3 pairs. I wanna run so much they don’t last very long.

April 28th
0 minutes
7.5k total steps
Buck’s Playoff Game. Spent time with husband and parents.
Ran around the yard with the pups.

April 27th
0 minutes
Watched my little niece – Did almost 9k steps. Walked through target for 2 hours straight!
Rainy/snowy day.

April 26th
0 minutes
16k total steps
Decided that I will no longer accept anything over 10min pace for training

April 25th
31:27 minutes
3.26 mi
9:39 pace
21k total steps
Ran with the dogs. Felt much better.
Needed Sissy today – Ate gummy bears and drank a red bull for lunch. Reminded me that I should pack a lunch the night before.

April 24th

0 minutes
11.5K total steps
Feeling the soreness of Monday’s run. Definitely have shin splints. I ran with old shoes. I know better than that. Going to have to hit up the store.

April 23rd
0 Minutes
11k total steps
I asked my 5 females if they would be willing to join me on my Journey.

April 22nd
My first run and training day!
30 minutes
2.94 miles
10:12 pace
14K total steps
Dogs came along – Felt Great. Ran the last couple of minutes with my shoe untied.
^One of my races in high school (I have the photo from the newspaper) one of my spikes came off – I did NOT want to stop and pick that up. I ran the last 150-200 meters without it.