Day 31 – Bush Jumpin & Draft Day

April 23rd 2020

Woke up and had breakfast with my husband – and then we did a bit of tidying around the house. It was also NFL DRAFT DAY! My husband was excited to have something of normalcy in our lives. Even if it was something that was on TV.

I also worked on my audition routine – trying to make my moves crisp and precise.

For the fun of it – we did a promo with his wrestling character and how he was a previous football player and might get drafted this year. It was HILARIOUS! He did such a great job of putting the story together and executing it.

After that we needed to get going on our walk since we didn’t want to be late for the draft!!

On our walk my husband and I were reminiscing about weird activities we would do in high school with our friends. He told me about “BUSH JUMPING” – it was from the early days of the show JACKASS and him and his friends would do it all the time. You would find a random bush – introduce yourself – and then jump into/onto it. I decided that I would be totally down for something like that!

Below is a little bit of my bush jump in photo format….


We walked for an hour and 20 minutes! Stopped at Ray’s for our daily dose of adult beverages too. When we arrived home it was time to turn on the draft and to make some dinner.

Where is my phone?

We looked everywhere for my phone – my backpack, my purse, my husband’s backpack, jacket pockets, pants pockets… no where.

There could be only one place the phone is…

IN THE $&%*ing BUSH!!!

We hopped in the car to race to the park and sure enough… my phone was laying right in the middle of the bush nicely placed on some branches! WHEW! I lucked out on that one…

Back home to see the draft and to make dinner.

While my husband was enjoying the draft I clicked on the TV to see what was on Netflix for my next bingeworthy show. I found WACO.

If you haven’t heard of it – it’s about a hostage situation in WACO, Texas that went on for over a month with negotiators and the leaders of a cult inside of the commune.

I highly suggest the show – it makes you angry and sad all at the same time – while explaining the story inside and out of what happened. I’m sure there is additional in depth explanation of both sides of exactly the actions and requests, but I thoroughly enjoyed the psychological aspect of it. (DUH! OF COURSE I DID!)

How the mind works, and how people hear things or are being told things. The interesting parts of how actions, perceptions, and intentions form.

If you’ve seen WACO – what are your thoughts on how the FBI pursued the final decision? Do you think the cult leaders were going to agree to their end of the bargain? Whose side with the FBI negotiators were you on? The war leader, or the phone callers?

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