A loss turned to gain

What an awkward day that happened, but broke down a fence I was on.
There was a person in my life that I thought was a good friend, but there was a situation that happened and it made me realize they never cared about me, or my dreams, and they were in no way helping me better myself.

I learned that the people who you surround yourself with, are the ones that affect you the most throughout your life. (I’m sure this isn’t news to other people – and I have heard this before – but really hit me after this incident.)

I have never “stood up” for myself against this person. This encounter was a mini mini step for me standing up for myself. HOORAY for me! I felt so much peace after this happened that I was not at all concerned what she thought about me. I saw how they acted after the event and that only solidified my feelings of letting them go as a “friend”.

When someone or something happens in my life and I feel relieved after that loss, that means that person or thing was impacting me in a negative way. I don’t need a person to tell me how to feel, or that I need to do something for them to be my friend, and I certainly don’t need them in my life if they are stomping around like a child if they don’t get their way.

This encounter and release of this person also helped me decide who I want to surround myself with: Positive people who are going to push me to flourish and achieve my dreams. Why did I hold on to this person for so long as someone I thought was a good friend?

“Note to Self:
Good news about those big heavy suitcases full of other people’s opinions and judgments and misconceptions you’ve been lugging around all over town. You can just set those down and walk away. They’re not yours; they never were.”
Nanea Hoffman ~ Sweatpants and Coffee

“You don’t become the tallest building by tearing everyone else down. You become the tallest building by continuing to build yourself up.”
^Motivational conference I attended

What or who have you been holding on to in your life that you need to let go of? Don’t be afraid. We only have 1 life. Live and love this life with the people who also want to live and love it with you.

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