Day 6 – My New Side Hustle

March 29th 2020

Woke up to a text from our neighbor that all of our papers that were outside under our canopy from our bonfire on Friday night had blown all over our yard. (Face palm). She was so kind and had picked them up for us already, but I immediately ran downstairs to bring everything back inside.

Time for breakfast so that I can fuel up for all the chores! I was doing some writing and texting with the Slayers when a photo came in the group of a bloody mary, and I was so jealous. I was convinced last weekend we had drank all the bloody mary mix and I was instantly sad. I was talking with my husband and he found one of the mixes from last weekend that we opened but didn’t finish! YAY!!!!!

I sent out a text to all the family that was on the call to say what a great time it was, and that I can’t wait for the next call. I put a plug in the text as well saying that if anyone wanted to purchase any of my husband’s wrestling fan gear that I would ship to them for free and through in a vintage shirt from his previous character.

Current Character

To my surprise the texts back were instant and a handful of families were interested in purchasing shirts! I asked my husband to quickly go downstairs and grab his shirt inventory so that I could organize and separate the orders. I was filling orders throughout the day and finding boxes for shipping around the house from our boxapolyse.


I moved the table from our kitchen into my room and was laying out the orders in piles for who was to receive what, and made a little shipping station out of it. I was having a lot of fun entertaining myself with going back and forth in the texts on who needs what size, how they were going to pay, and what extras I could add to the orders!

After all that had sort of calmed down, I went downstairs to tell my husband the amount of orders we received, and how excited my family was to be receiving their shirts. My uncle also said that anyone who purchased a shirt should wear it on the next Zoom call, haha! It was incredible how my family came together and the love and support they poured out onto my husband and I.

I had noticed the other day that the “junk in a bin” system was working very well for my husband and I. We could go through the boxes and mindlessly sort through everything during an episode of a random show on in the background. I started doing that for the other rooms of the house. Anything that didn’t belong in that room I would put into a bin and put it into the living room for sorting through later.

I was able to clean and reorganize my room and the guest bedroom in one day with this technique. I found some more photos and pictures to hangup in my room and I’m going to have a Paris theme above my vanity, and then on the side of the room where the dogs are I will put up photos of them.

I had noticed I had not been socializing with my husband very much so I went downstairs to see what he was up to. I saw he had moved his old playstation gaming counsel over to his tv and was watching “The Big Lebowski” on dvd in his corner while sorting through another box of items. He was having so much fun in his corner of the basement and he was down there so late he had actually fallen asleep down there! I tried waking him up, but after no success I threw a blanket over him and headed upstairs to go to sleep.

The picture looks terrible but the tv is actually of very high quality for how old it is!

If you are home, are you doing projects around the house? What progress are you making on those projects that you’ve put off for years? Are you starting to enjoy other parts of your home after it’s cleaned and organized?

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