Day 17 – Cleaning our Taxes

April 9th 2020

Woke up with the urge to deep clean every room in the house.

I asked my husband if he would be willing to help me with the bathroom and the living room. He said “No problem!” – but there is a problem… his definition of clean the bathroom and my definition are very different. His “cleaning” consists of: he wipes off the counter and swishes the cleaner around the toilet. I asked him if he would be willing to clean the bathroom the way I usually clean it. He said he’d definitely give it a try.

Bathroom includes- toilet (bowl, lid, sides, top), sink, counter, floor, shower, mirror, lights, faucets, garbage can, towels, curtain, and window.

He went straight to work and warned me that it might not be as high quality as when I clean it, but he would “clean” all those things.

While he was assessing his first move, I went into the office to start the dreaded taxes. I know that with the pandemic everything was pushed back, but ALSO with the pandemic we’re tight on money and could really use the help with the bills.

After a couple of hours of sifting through papers, calculating expenses, trying to remember passwords to accounts barely used, twisting my husbands arm to get me his information, 4 cups of coffee, and too many phone calls to customer service; the taxes still weren’t done.

I needed to step away!

I checked to see how my husband was doing with the cleaning of the bathroom. His exact words were “I am never doing this ever again. I will do any other chore you prefer before I have to do this again. I will hire a cleaning lady, or Taren to do this. I am never doing this again.”

HAHAHAA!!! See?! Cleaning the bathroom is NOT that easy!!!

I told him I’m glad he now appreciates how hard I work to make sure that our bathroom is continuously sparkly!

He had to get ready to head over to a friends house to do an Instagram live video for wrestling fans. I made us some dinner and he headed out.

Time for painting with friends!!! I also found a wine glass that holds an entire bottle of wine so I decided to try that bad boy out on the call.

After painting with friends I chatted with Heather for a bit after the call and decided to try coloring.

As a person who has friends and families that know of my anxiety they feel the need to give me things they have read “work well for people with anxiety.” My loving sister decided to give me a Harry Potter adult coloring book.

Now, I know what works well for me and what doesn’t work well for me. This beautiful present was not a relaxing thing… this thing created more anxiety for me. I would look at it and start breathing heavy because all the intricate details need to be colored.

Whelp!!! I have also been reading a book that helps you work through a few different exercises with worrying and anxiety and one of them is to face the things that give you anxiety. For instance this coloring book. It’s time to face my fears and to attack the coloring book. It’s going to be okay if I don’t fil in each of the items or have the correct colors – isn’t that what coloring is supposed to be? You’re own interpretation of the colors of the scene?

Below is the progression so far of my coloring…..

After the call with Heather I continued to color but encouraged myself to enjoy it, instead of “forcing” myself to color.

I stayed up pretty late doing different snapchat videos and sending them out – my friend Annie told me to make my vidoes into TikToks? I had no idea my videos were that funny… but hey… what the hell! I told her I made it into a TikTok and she was excited to see how many views I got!!

My husband finally arrived home and he hung out on the bed in the office while I continued to color.

We finally drifted to sleep together while the music played in the background.

TikTok? What am I getting myself into?! Slowly becoming obsessed with the dumb videos!!!! Have you made any TikToks? Are you going to? What are you searching in the latest trends right now??

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