Day 19 – All events Canceled

April 11th 2020

Today was when Twin and I had our 5k planned. CANCELED. Twin’s planned birthday party at Miller Park – tailgating, booze, grilling, koozies, giveaways, frisbee, bean bag toss, blaring music, random friends, 394 bathroom breaks. CANCELED. Sleepover with twin and dogs and kicking the boys out of our room to fall asleep together. CANCELED.


I didn’t wake up until about 12:30pm. Why? BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS CANCELED.

Only thing in the house that needed tending to was the laundry. So I did laundry. For about 3 hours.

I also reached out to a friend of mine that I had met at my husband’s holiday party in Boston back in December. KD from Dallas. She is the sweetest Texan ever – and I cannot believe what a great connection we had at the party. I wanted to check in with her and make sure that she knew that our friendship wasn’t a one weekend stand!! It was so nice talking to her, catching up, sharing stories of work, quarantine, boys, family, pets, and just about anything else we might have missed in the last couple of months!

It was such a beautiful day and it was starting to get close to missing our walk – so we leashed up the doggies and went out for an hour and 21 minutes! We stopped at Ray’s and the line was around the parking lot! With everyone having to stand 6ft apart we had to wait to get inside the store. Once we finally had our beverages we headed home. On the way home we saw a group of women walking and noticed they all had koozies with drinks in their hands…. interesting… so did we! As we passed them I raised my beverage yelled “Cheers! Happy Easter!” and they responded with laughter and raised their beverages too with a joyful “Cheers! Happy Easter!”

We were a little late to the call… but once we logged on, we saw that a majority of our family was wearing our shirts we had sent out! My Uncle Trig is such a caring person, and has really made an impact on my husband and my life recently. I cannot thank him enough for always promoting my husband and his wrestling. It’s so cool to have that connection with him.

The call was only about an hour long – but it was still nice to see everyone and a lot of my cousin’s had their children on the call too! I just love seeing all my cousins with their children and all the laughter and talking over each other. It’s truly one of my favorite calls.

After the call I talked with my mom and she invited me to her Zoom call for Happy Hour with her lady friends too!

I enjoy Zoom calls! They are very addicting. I had some white claw while my mom and her friends had wine, and my sister was on the call too and she had a moscow mule! We were on the call for about an hour talking about what we’ve been doing in quarantine, what we miss, what we want to do as soon as this is over, and encouraged each other that we’re all going to get out of this stronger friends than ever.

I had also received a message from my cousin and his wife out in Maine that they wanted to have a Zoom call as well!

I settled in on the couch and prepared myself for the Zoom call…. I knew what they wanted to talk about. We got on and said our pleasantries and they said they had something to discuss with my husband and I. I told them I already knew.

My sister and her husband, and my other cousin and his wife, and my husband and I were all planning on visiting them in Maine this summer.


I &$*%ing knew it!!!

I told them I was sad, but that I completely understood where they were coming from. They are pregnant, and traveling, and finding places to stay, and flights, and all kinds of different factors played into COVID-19 and “postponing” the “MAINE EVENT”. My cousin assured me that it was not canceled, but in the spirit of Easter it will be later RESURRECTED.

After the call I sat on the couch with my husband for a little bit and had some beverages while he played NBA2K.

Everything is Canceled. 2020 is canceled.

The only thing not canceled is Zoom calls. I’ve attended all of those so far!

What recently has been canceled that you are bummed about? Even if it’s something that was this summer that was pushed back, or a trip, or a party? A sporting event?

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