Day 21 – Happy Birthday Sister & Uncle Trig!

April 13th 2020

Had a video call with my sister!!! She is truly a phenomenal woman and I can’t believe how much she has accomplished!

For my sister on her birthday – here is my expression of my love for you!

Growing up all I wanted was to hangout with you – and I know I was your little sister “the pest”. Even as we got older, I still just wanted to be with you! Be your best friend, know what you were thinking, who you were dating, what you were studying, where you were traveling. I have always been drawn to you.

You are in the top 3 female role models in my life. Not just because you are my “older” sister, but because the specific type of woman you are. I know I can call you and talk to you about anything, and you will sometimes tell me “that sucks” or “it will be okay”, and sometimes you give me advice on how to move forward.

You are hilarious. And not just teehehe giggles- but boisterous laughter! Your jokes sometimes are puns, but you always know how to slip a zinger in there. I love hearing your laugh too. It reminds me that my loud laugh is okay, and that whatever laugh you possess you should let it roar.

You are a spectacular mother to my sobrina. You are constantly giving her love, encouraging her, redirecting her behavior, teaching her about strong females, speaking in Spanish to her, having her explore the yard, video call with her family that is in Wisconsin. I cannot tell you how many different instances I have jotted down notes for my future occurrences with my own children and the type of parent I want to be for them, because of you!

I remember when you played “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John for me in the car – and you told me that I was your tiny dancer. When I had my recital and they announced my name at the end of the production – you were the loudest clapper and you cheered my name! I’ll never forget that. I was so happy to find out that you were in the audience and that you had seen my dance. I was the only one who received a verbal applause “YEAH ALEX!”

Throughout my life with my sports teams, and my dance recitals, and my school projects you were my biggest fan. You always pushed me no matter what passion I was interested in at the time. If I wanted to run away to the circus and spin plates you would have helped me invest in the best platters that were fastest and sturdiest for spinning.

Everyday I remind myself how much I want to be like you. It’s hard to not compare myself to someone who is constantly accomplishing success after success! I always knew that you were mom and dad’s favorite and that NEVER bothered me, because you were my favorite too.

I know we always tell each other that we’re each other’s favorite sister – and yes maybe it’s just the 2 of us… but you really are my favorite. You are more than a sister to me, you are my ever-knowing book of wisdom that I know I can ask you anything, or approach you about anything.

After my call with my sister I did some writing and tidied up the office a little bit.

To my Uncle Trig on your birthday. I cannot tell you how much of an impact you’ve had on my life recently. You truly are a family man, and it lifts my heart with how much you’ve been helping my husband and I with his wrestling gear – and also trying to get the entire family to wear it too! Majority of our shirts and koozies have been bought out by that side of my family.

Growing up my Uncle Trig always scared me – and I think it was the mustache. Now I think his mustache is so $*%&ing badass. I love sharing a beer/growler with him. I love when he shows me the projects he’s working on. I love when he urges me to get a moped or motorcycle with less than 60cc because then I don’t need a motorcycle license to drive it. I love when he asks me about the same job I had over 8 years ago but I don’t care – I just remind him that I work for a place that decorates apparel now. I love when he wanted to be part of witnessing the signing of my marriage license with my husband on our wedding day. I love that he danced so hard all night at my wedding. I love that he made sure that he gave me a Swedish Cookbook when I visited him. I love that 4 sticks of butter in the stuffing still isn’t enough. I love his spritz cookies and that he always makes me take a full container of them home with me.

Uncle Trig – you are 1 of a kind. I can’t express enough how much I love you – and that you are OBVIOUSLY my favorite Uncle. CHEERS!

My husband and I were ready for an early walk since I had more calls later that day. We took the dogs on an hour and 14 minute walk with our usual stop at Ray’s.

When we arrived home I jumped on my Zoom call with my mom, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law! We had a great time talking about working and not working, unemployment, parks, walks, and when this is all over how we’re going to party in Milwaukee!

Both mom’s left the call and my sister-in-law and I stayed on a little bit longer to chat about more sisterly type of things 😉 – We also decided we were going to start a TV Show watching group! It would be a series or documentary or movie and we would have 1 week to watch it and then we would have a group Zoom discussion on what we liked/didn’t like/learned/felt after watching the show.

We decided on the AppleTV show “SEE”. Zoom meeting on Sunday!

After the Zoom call my husband and I meet on the couch and watched the movie “ONWARD”.

Let me tell you about this movie… if you have a sibling that is older than you and took care of you like a parent did (eh-hem… me…) be prepared to ball your eyes out. It was such a beautiful story about family and coming together and finding out who you are and what you want to be. I loved every minute of it!

My husband and I also did the drinking game to the movie… see below!!!

After the movie my husband played some video games and I went upstairs to bed.

Do you have siblings that you cherish? Do you have siblings that you don’t talk to? What relationship do you have with in-laws? Good/bad? Who else do you consider to be family even if not by blood?

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