Day 25 – Change of Scenery

April 17th 2020

Woke up multiple times during the night and it took forever for me to fall back asleep. Anxious with a handful of insomnia.

I finally was able to get back to bed for a couple of hours but didn’t wake up until 11:30am.

My husband was so sweet and made breakfast in bed for me – he even made cinnamon rolls!!! He overheard me saying the other day how badly I wanted some and when he went to the store a few days ago, he picked up a package of them.

I got my tuchus out of bed finally, and texted with the Slayers before I had to head over to LittleSister/Coworkers house.

The Slayers are still kickin @$$ and taking names. I couldn’t be more proud of them.

Got myself packed up and on my way to LittleSister/Coworkers house to go over the plans for the doggies!!! She had a list of the daily rundowns, and how much food/water to give, walks, potty breaks, playtime, and nighttime routines. It was a short visit but I was glad to see in person where everything was located and have the doggies sniff me so they knew who would be back later that night. LittleSister/Coworker gave me some of her homemade chili too!!! I couldn’t wait to try it. She instructed it must be eaten with a peanut butter sandwich. Hmm…. okay!!

Since I was out and about (with my mask and gloves on) I stopped at Walgreens to see if they had any thermometers (which they didn’t) or face masks (which they didn’t) or some gloves (which they didn’t). Instead I walked out with some white claws, water, and chips.

I was across the street from Target so I thought I’d try to see what they had there…. no thermometers or face masks, but they had plastic gloves! I was feeling extremely melancholy recently and since I was at Target I decided to take my time and roam around the aisles for a little bit. I found some paints for my “painting with friends” Zoom calls. I bought a little candle making kit to keep me occupied, and a few other random essentials (vitamins, TP,) before heading back home.

I had a call with a friend of my moms to go over a project she needs help with for her company and wants me to help with their social media accounts. Something to do!!

Time for a walk with the doggies – we went for 1 hour and 5 minutes. We stopped by the park to take a picture by the kickball field we used to play at.


Time to try the Missouri chili with peanut butter sandwiches!!! I sincerely liked it, and will never have chili without a peanut butter sandwich again – my husband on the other hand said it wasn’t for him. Still proud of him for trying it!!!

It was so delicious and I was so full that I ended up passing out on the couch for a couple of hours!!!

When I woke up it was time to head over to take out the doggies! Caine and Molly ❤

We went for a little walk, but it was dark outside and there aren’t really any lights around the house outside and I felt a little creeped out! Then back inside for some kibbles and lovies. Played for a solid half hour and then went back outside for another walk. Caine and Molly are such good doggies. They both wanted to keep playing and it was difficult for me to put them away when I was leaving. I promised them I’d be back in the morning though to spend more time with them!

After I parked my car in the garage and headed to the house – a man came out of the shadows and it scared the crap out of me! I almost screamed too since why would someone be lurking around the alleyway like that?

Once inside I went over to my husband on the couch and instantly realized he had a few cocktails! Not mad – just hilarious. He was on a group call with his wrestling buddies and they were being a bunch of goofs. I loved it.

I headed upstairs for bed since I was going to have to get up early to let out Molly and Caine again!

How are your pets doing during quarantine? Do they love the attention? Or have you been at work and not been able to play with them all day? Do you pet your fish often?

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